How To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs

How To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs

Most people prefer to use solid wood for dining chair sets, but there are many who prefer fabric dining chair upholstery. These are some of the most dangerous parts of furniture to keep. This is because milk, food, and other types of liquids can be clearly or frequently spilled at any time. As a result, some spots are converted there.Toddlers use the same hands covered in food to move chairs away and make them messy. As a result, it reduces the life of the furniture for various reasons. If the cleaning is not enough, the chairs will look ugly. So, learn from here how to clean the cloth dining chairs.

There are several practical tips for cleaning cloth dining chairs that will help you clean dining chairs very quickly.

Ingredients To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A dark spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • hot water
  • a bowl
  • Steam cleaning equipment


Step 1.

Remove any dirt before cleaning the chair. Use a stiff brush and polish until it looks shiny again. So, A good way to start is to use the dry method.

stiff brush To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs

Step 2.

After polishing, Wipe the surface with A damp towel. Make sure you Don’t apply too much pressure or you May scratch the surface.

wipe the surface with a damp towel

Step 3.

 After wiping, Let it dry completely. You may want to leave it overnight So that there is no dust on the surface.

Step 4.

Apply a coat of wax To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs

Apply A coat Of wax if desired And Allow it to dry completely. Waxing is optional. However, If applied correctly, It will protect the surface from scratches And give it A nice shine.


It’s always best to clean your dining chairs at least once A month as they get worn and torn. This way, You can maintain its appearance And prolong its life.


1. Remove The Chair Cushions

Remove The Chair Cushions To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs

Remove the cushion from the bottom Of the chair seat using pliers or A similar tool. Pull And discard Any fabric attached to the springs. If the padding is removable, Be careful not to tear the material when you remove it.

2. Wash The Frame

Wash The Frame

Wash the wooden frame And legs with soap And water. Allow them to dry thoroughly before applying polish to restore their shine. Therefore, A few drops Of furniture oil on each side Of the frame will help keep it shiny.

3. Clean The Fabric

 Clean The Fabric

Clean the fabric with A damp sponge or soft brush. You may need to apply A little detergent if the stain is deep in the fabric. Wipe off excess liquid And Allow the fabric to air dry completely.

4. Conservation

 Once they are Dry, You Will want to store them until You Need to Use them

5. Precautions

Protect them from direct sunlight

Protect them from direct sunlight, Moisture, And cold weather. Also, Keep them away from pets And children.

Method-3. How To Clean The Cloth Dining Chairs.

How To Clean The Cloth Dining Chairs

A. Start By emptying the trash from the chair. Then remove Any loose clothing or linen that May have been left behind. Wash these items separately if possible. Finally, Spray some hot water On the chair to get rid Of germs or bacteria that Have Accumulated over time.

B. Once the chair is completely dry, Use A Cleaning solution to wipe down the entire chair. However, Be sure to apply enough pressure to ensure All dirt and grime comes Out. You want to avoid using too much cleaning solution to keep the color Of the fabric beautiful.

C. Allow the chair to dry thoroughly before putting it back together. If the chair is not stored, Be sure to store it Safely.

1. What Kind of Material?

Dining table chairs come in A variety Of materials. Fabric, Wood, Plastic, Metal… And All Of these have their own unique cleaning methods. There are A few things you need to consider before starting Any type Of cleaning procedure.

2. What Kind of Scar is It?

First things first, What kind Of stain is it? If You are reading This article, You already know this information. If not, Here’s How to determine what kind Of stain you Have And what kind Of cleaner works Best to get rid of it.

3. Are The Scars Permanent?

If you think your stain is permanent, Chances are you don’t actually want to use soap. The soap will Also only work if you wash the stain Off with water. If you believe A stain may be permanent, You may consider rubbing alcohol instead. Rubbing alcohol will remove the stain permanently, however, It cannot be left on the surface after application. Finally, After the rubbing Alcohol dries you’ll want to wipe the surface thoroughly.

4. How Long Does the Stain Last?

Will the Stain stay on the surface forever? If you think it should go away immediately, You’ll probably want to avoid using anything abrasive. Some abrasives Will damage the finish of the chair. Instead you’ll want something non-abrasive. Something like A damp towel will work just fine. In fact, It is recommended to soak the area several times A day until the stain is gone.

5. What Kind of Material Is the Fabric?

The final Step before cleaning A piece of furniture is to determine Exactly what type of fabric it is. Most fabrics fall under one Of three categories; Cotton, Wool, Or polyester. Each fabric needs its own unique set Of cleaning products. Cotton usually uses Also warm water And detergent. Therefore, Wool should be washed in cold water (not hot), And polyester needs no washing.

6. What is the Right Course of Action?

Once you Have decided what type Of fabric you Have you can start the cleaning process. Start By wiping the surface Of the fabric with A dry towel. Next spray solvent on the spot you want to clean. Use A rag to rub the solvent around the stain, Making sure to cover the entire surface. Then rinse the surface Of the fabric under cool running water. Once the stain is removed you can Apply A coat Of wax or sealer to protect the fabric from future stains.


There are several ways to keep upholstered chairs clean for longer. There are two main things you can Do with this. The first is to get treatment As soon As you see Any spots. The second is to receive a stain-protection treatment for greater protection against spills and dirt. There are many ways to clean fabric dining chairs. There are some simple methods and then there are advanced methods. If you don’t know How to clean them properly, Hire professionals to Do these tasks for you. Hope you understand How To Clean Cloth Dining Chairs.

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