How To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

How To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

A dining room shelf is A beautiful piece Of furniture that adds depth And dimension to any dining room. When deciding whether to add shelving to your space, consider how you decorate the dining room shelves. 

It is Important to Consider that. If you have a small dining area and want to display small items on top, these simple wooden shelves can work best for you. But if you need some extra storage, check out wooden shelves that hold large plates and bowls.

Before You Start Decorating Your Dining Room Shelves, Do Some Research.

You should first know what kind Of material they are made of. If they are wooden, You should use A damp cloth or sponge soaked in warm water to wipe the surface. If you have shelving units made of metal, you will need to sand them first.

I will show here 32 ways by which you can decorate dining room shelves

1. Choose The Right Shelf Material

 Right Shelf Material

When choosing A shelf material, Consider how much weight it can hold, Whether it will withstand moisture, What type of environment it will be exposed to, And whether it Will require additional finishing. Many materials have a variety of finishes for which they are suitable. You want something durable that won’t warp or crack over time. If possible, choose a material that is stain-resistant, as spills can ruin your beautiful white surface.

2. Create Visual Balance 

 Create Visual Balance 

Creating visual balance in Any space is one Of the first things I consider When designing A space. When it comes to decorating A dining room shelf, I want it to Be neat And organized rather than cluttered. If you have many small items such as decorative pillows, Plates, Bowls, Cups, etc., It is better to combine them. Avoid placing items in random places on the shelf; Instead, try grouping similar pieces together. You’ll find yourself less cluttered and finding what you’re looking for will be easier.

3. Make Shelf Coasters

Shelves make great coasters if you have kids around. All you need to do is remove the shelf hardware first. Once removed, Cut A piece Of plywood about 1/8 inch thick, Drill holes for the screws, And secure it to the back of the shelf. Now add some fabric or glue decorative paper to the bottom to create a fun option.

4. Add Accent Pieces  

Accent pieces can add interest and personality to any room. These pieces may not perfectly match the room’s decor, but they should complement the style of the room’s design and color scheme. Depending on whether the style of the room is formal or casual, accent pieces can include traditional crystal chandeliers, ornate lamps, wall art, unique artwork, and even furniture.

Besides providing the perfect centerpiece for your meal, these items can also serve as decorative accents. If you have A set Of shelves in your dining room, Consider using them as A display area or storage spot for your favorite books, magazines, knickknacks, Or any other small objects that you can use to complete the look. These items do not match, but they need to complement each other.

5. Position Things Correctly 

Position Things Correctly 

Positioning things correctly is important to ensure they look their best and fit together well. A decorative shelf is an example where the right positioning of objects makes them look beautiful and helps create a great display. Position items correctly for a decorative dining room shelf

6. Take Advantage Of The Basket 

 Take Advantage Of The Basket

Baskets can really make a great addition to any home and provide countless uses. Whether your style is rustic chic or modern minimalist, baskets tend to fit right in. A simple wooden basket full of potted herbs can add a touch of nature to any room. Maybe you just want to display flowers or fruits and vegetables. You can use baskets for anything else, they are truly versatile additions to any room.

Wooden baskets offer many advantages over their metal counterparts. You can add these qualities to a wooden basket by keeping it clean and dry, which creates a healthy environment for your food.

Woven baskets can make a beautiful accent in the dining room or even the laundry room. These baskets are often decorated with colorful threading. Like their wooden counterparts, woven baskets come in a variety of shapes And sizes, Making them A flexible choice for any space. Many people prefer woven baskets because they are lighter and more compact than their wooden counterparts. They also offer many more color options than their wood counterparts.

Each basket is handcrafted using quality materials. We believe that every piece of furniture should be beautiful and functional, even if we don’t use it. Our goal is to provide people With things that they Find useful and functional at the same time.

7. Include Greenery And Sculptures 

 Include Greenery And Sculptures 

Greenery and sculptures are a great way to bring life and color to any home. One Of my favorite ways to add greenery to my home is to use fresh herbs And flowers inside vases, planters, And baskets in my home. They are an inexpensive way to make sure I have lots Of greenery around me All year round.

When thinking of decorating your dining room shelves, add green! There are different types Of greenery that you can use such As succulents, cacti, Ferns, Moss, And herbs.

Another way to spruce up your dining room is to add some unique sculptures. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive figurines; Instead, you can always find them at second-hand stores or even online. Another alternative is to make something yourself using wood and tp know Decorate Dining Room Shelves

8. A Touch Of Color And Texture

A Touch Of Color And Texture

Color adds vibrancy to any space and can make even the simplest items stand out. The texture will add interest and depth to a plain shelf. To create a unique look, try using different types of shelving hardware – knobs, pulls, hooks, etc. These pieces can easily be swapped out depending on what you’re looking for. You can use them to decorate A piece Of furniture or give an entire room (or just two) A completely different feel.

9. Install In The Correct Position

Install In The Correct Position

You need to install your shelves so they will not be affected by moisture or extreme temperatures. You can leave them free standing or keep them in a cabinet if you prefer

10. Standard To Enhance For Decorate Dining Room Shelves

Standard To Enhance

I was inspired by my mom’s kitchen and decided to do something like hers, but different! I created this standard to enhance dining room shelves to decorate your dining room shelves. These are super simple DIY projects and you only need basic carpentry skills and tools! You can use them for any space, including bedrooms, playrooms, and even laundry rooms!

11. Method For Decorative Shelves With Sheds  

Method For Decorative Shelves With Sheds  

Decorative shelves are perfect for decorating any room where you want to add some style without committing to a wall-mounted shelf unit. These shelves come in different materials, Styles, Shapes, Sizes, And colors. You can use them for bedroom bookshelves or even kitchen countertops and save space. To make these shelves look sleek, you should choose a shade of color that best suits the design of your home. If you’re painting the entire shelf, choose a bold color like bright pink or yellow. If you want to go with something more subtle, Try pastel tones like Mint green or lavender. As long as the color you choose goes well with the design of your shelving, you’ll be happy with how it looks.

One thing you should consider when buying A shade is whether You plan to use it Year-round or only during the warmer Months. If you live in A climate where the winters are cold, It can Be difficult to keep snow Off your building. Another thing you need to take into consideration is How much space you have And what kind Of storage area you want to provide for your items. A small shed may not hold nearly as many items as a large one. However, Whatever size you get, You still have A way to customize it to suit your needs

12. Store Properly For Extended 

Store Properly For Extended 

You want to make sure you Have enough storage Space for your household items! If you haven’t already, consider purchasing some beautiful decorative items to add to your dining area. You can use them to display your favorite keepsakes or place them on shelves where they’ll look great when serving guests. When it comes to storing these items, We recommend that you Store them in boxes These boxes are not Only durable And safe, But they are Also useful to help protect your valuables

13. Simple Colors 

Simple Colors 

Once you know How much space you have And what type Of furniture you want, then you can start choosing A color scheme. A good place to Start would Be to pick your favorite colors from nature. Think about what kind of flowers, trees, or even sunset you like. Then look at the colors in those things. Once you find some colors that you think will go well together, Just choose the ones that work Best for your home.

14. Clay Street 

Clay Street 

The color spectrum is expanding! You may have noticed that We have started incorporating some new colors into our home Decor.

Clay is known as one of the best materials for wall art and projects. Clay is a clay material and has a natural texture similar to concrete. It contains a large amount of silica which makes the clay strong and durable. You want to use clay for projects where durability and strength are essential. Some great applications for Decorate Dining Room Shelves and clay are sculpture, mosaics, pottery, tiles, brick making, garden decorations, and more!

15. Essex Muse 

Essex Muse 

Essex Muse is a unique decal that can transform any surface into a piece of art. Use it anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom!

All you need is two pieces Of paper, Some scissors, And A little patience.

Step 1. Cut out the shape you want using colored paper. You can use colorful patterned paper for added effect.

Step 2. Once cut, place the pattern paper over the color piece of paper. Make sure they cover each other completely.

Step 3. Remove the top layer Of paper and peel Off the backing. Apply the decal to the surface. If the surface is smooth, Apply several coats Of varnish. If not, apply a thin coat of clear nail polish, let dry, and then varnish again. Allow it to dry overnight before removing the backing.

16. Luxury Loft Apartment 

 Luxury Loft Apartment 

The first step in decorating any room is adding shelves. An easy way to Do this is with A few pieces Of wood and some screws to hold them together. You can try to find wooden furniture at garage sales and flea markets or buy them online. Or, If you want something A little fancier, You can always Look into buying pre-Made shelves that are designed specifically for the dining room. These types of shelves can usually be purchased for much less than building your own.

17. Crystal Cove  

Crystal Cove  

We started by looking At the height of each shelf And decided We wanted them to Be between 12-18 inches tall. Then we measured each shelf for length and width and saw how much space was left. Next, We figured out where we could put items And then came up with ideas for what we wanted to Put on those shelves. We were carrying two metal candle sconces, four vases, and six candles.

These things were easily bought online and they were relatively cheap. Since we had too many candles to fill these spaces, we went ahead and bought two sets of eight candles (two rows of four) so we wouldn’t have to buy extra candles later. Another thing we looked at was if we wanted to use cork boards on top of our shelves. We thought it would look really nice and I love all the different colors of cork. However, none of the ones we liked were big enough to fit the shelves, so we decided to Decorate Dining Room Shelves to go with wooden planks instead.

17. Book


Books are always good conversation starters. If you read A lot of books, You may have A collection that you want to organize. Create some space to sort and store a few books in a box, bag, or crate. Write the title on the outside cover of the book and label which section it falls into. You can create dividers on the shelf to separate specific subjects or topics.

18. Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers And Magazines

Newspaper pages are perfect for decorating a shelf or display area. Cut out pictures and illustrations using scissors and carefully tape them to a sheet of newspaper. You can also cut out words and phrases and glue them to a page using double-sided contact paper.

19. Toys

The toy is great for children And adults alike. Collect toy trucks, cars, dolls, figurines and anything else you find cute. Place them in baskets or boxes or line them up on a shelf. Toy shelves are inexpensive and easy to customize. Try to keep toys organized and clean so they are ready to play with whenever guests arrive.

20. Paint The Dining Table

Paint The Dining Table

If the look of wood detracts from the quality of your furniture, paint it. All you need is two coats of white latex paint and you’ll have a whole new look. You can go classic, bright or anything else you like.

21. Use Plates And Bowls Instead Of Chairs

Use Plates And Bowls Instead Of Chairs

You don’t always have to buy chairs and then find somewhere to store them. Instead, take advantage of the plates sitting under the kitchen sink and place them where you want them. Or, use a tray instead of a seat cushion. Just remember not to leave food out if it’s cold.

22. Change The Color Of Your Chair

 Change The Color Of Your Chair

One Of the easiest ways to breathe new life into Any space is to change the colors Of your living area. There’s no rule that you can’t mix shades and patterns. Try a green chair with a blue throw pillow on top or a red chair with a yellow rug

23. Create A New Pattern

 Create A New Pattern

Patterns are a great way to add interest to spaces in both small and large rooms. Consider using a patterned runner or a geometric print rug on the floor in place of a traditional carpet. Even in a small space, don’t be afraid to experiment – just choose something unique to your style!

24. Add Curls And Twists To The Back

Add Curls And Twists To The Back

While we love the classic look of straight backs, sometimes it’s good to have a little pop in your seating area. Add A few curls or twists here And there to create A soft focal point in the middle of the room.

25. Make Your Own Table Runner

Make Your Own Table Runner

Don’t forget about the table runner lining the top of the table. These can easily be turned into DIY projects with A little creativity. Start with a simple design and color scheme, then add your personality by choosing fabrics that speak to you. Choose bold prints or elegant silks, or go for subtle and neutral tones.

26. Bring The Plants

Bring The Plants

Whether you already have a collection of indoor plants or you’re starting a new garden, you can bring in greenery to freshen up your dining room. Plants not only help clean the air, but they provide visual appeal. What better way than to hang these new additions above the table?

27. Turn Coffee Tables Into Side Displays

. Turn Coffee Tables Into Side Displays

Is it time to update those coffee tables? Instead of putting them in the corner, make them a side display. Hang framed pictures or knick knacks from them, and display your favorite pillows and throws on the floor below for added flair.

28. Give Closets An Update

Give Closets An Update

It may seem silly to think Of A closet as a piece of furniture, But if it hasn’t been updated in years (or ever), don’t worry, It doesn’t Have to. Take advantage of the open space in your closet and store your clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories , and fill it with shelves to hold anything else you want to keep neat and organized.

29. Place Shelving Inside The Cabinet

Place Shelving Inside The Cabinet

Another way to decorate a cabinet is to install shelving inside. Because cabinets aren’t designed to accommodate items like baskets and bowls, you may be able to create extra space for these containers.

30. Repurpose Furniture Pieces

Repurpose Furniture Pieces

We All know how frustrating it can be to find A perfectly good lamp that no longer works. If you own a lamp or other type of decor that is taking up space, consider repurposing them as functional storage pieces. Put away your collectibles and replace them with smaller decorative items.

31. Shelf Accessories

Shelf Accessories

Another way to get creative with your shelf decor is to use accessories. Accessories include mirrors, baskets, clocks, vases, frames, chandeliers, etc.You can find these items online or At A local store like Walmart. Accessories should complement rather than compete with your existing decor, and you need to decide whether you want to go for a traditional style or a modern-meets-rustic look. For example, A traditional mirror will fit well in A classic dining room, while a modern mirror might work better in A living room or kitchen.

32. Give The Final Look To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

Give The Final Look To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

Decorated my dining room shelf to give my space some pop. By adding several pieces around the edges to make it look less flat, I shaped the shelf without adding dimension.

First, You have to remove everything From the shelves. Then I started painting each side of the shelf with one coat of white paint. Next, I carefully removed the tape And applied two coats Of black paint to all edges.

Once the base color was done, I began applying different shapes and patterns to the wood veneer using painter’s tape. Various patterns create a beautiful look and keep the design simple. To add detail to the top of the shelf, I added small circles using wood glue. I covered the entire top surface and left a few holes to allow air circulation. Once the glue Was completely dry, I carefully Sanded the bottom until the veneer Was smooth. Finally, I glued glass knobs to the center of each circle.

When I finished, it turned out beautiful! I love how it adds depth to the shelf and makes the piece feel much larger than its actual size. 

Why clean shelves regularly?

clean shelves regularly

It may seem obvious but cleaning your shelves regularly will prevent them from getting dirty again. After each use, wipe the shelf using a damp rag. When storing items on shelves, be sure to place clean, dry towels between items to prevent mold and mildew. Keep up with regular maintenance to keep your shelves looking great.

What kind of shelf to use?

 kind of shelf to use

There are many types of shelves that claim to do different things. When choosing your shelves, consider what your goals are. You want to make sure there is enough room for your strain to get air circulation. This means either having an overhang or using fans to provide ventilation. If you want to use a fan, you need to make sure it fits inside your room and doesn’t block any windows. You Also want to make sure your shelf is sturdy.

Last Thought

These are wooden shelves built into a wall (or sometimes just hung) to provide storage space and counter height tables. Usually, they have at least two drawers underneath. These are great if you want to use some extra shelf space but don’t need a lot of surface area. If you need both space and height, consider placing them on top of a table. You still get the benefit of a nice long table top without giving up any floor space! So, Asha Kari has understood how to decorate dining room shelves

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