How To Make A Twin Bed Bigger

How To Make A Twin Bed Bigger

By adding A mattress to the bottom Of the existing bed frame, You will be able to add even more length. That way, If you want to turn Any old single bed into A king-size, You need to know how to make A twin bed bigger.

Bedrooms look small when full of furniture, even if they are large overall. A good way to increase storage space when enlarging a room is to remove extra pieces of furniture. This is especially true if you want to create a spacious feeling in a small bedroom.

The first thing you should know is that the size Of A twin bed cannot be increased without changing its base. This means that the best option is To replace the legs with stiffer ones. Another option is to add extra mattresses to the existing ones. Second, you should measure where your bed will be installed.

Third, You should keep in mind that the height Of the headboard matches the height Of the footboard. If you are planning to increase the length of the bed, You should consider the position Of your headboard And footboard. Fourth, the design and color of the should complement the rest of your room. The colors should blend well together as they will be used as the background of the decorative object.

What Is a Twin Bed?

What Is a Twin Bed?

Twin bed frames were first used in the 1960s because they allowed parents to sleep together when their children slept alone. Since then, they have grown bigger and bigger to provide room for two adults to share without compromising private space. Most twin beds have a platform frame with drawers at the bottom that allows for storage space. These usually Come in white And black designs But you can choose any color.

Twin beds are always smaller than double beds. This is because they are designed to fit two babies. There are many options for enlarging a twin. Here, I will show you a few different methods of enlarging a twin bed.

Method 1

Enlarge A Twin Bed Using Mod Pause

You probably already know what mode pause is and how it works. It’s basically an adhesive that holds things together. So, using mode pause, you will be able to create a thick layer of fabric on top of the twin’s bed frame. When this layer is complete, You will apply additional layers until you reach the desired Size.

Enlarge A Twin Bed Using Mod Pause

To get started, You first need to measure the length And width Of your twin bed frame. These measurements are necessary so that you know where to place the pieces of fabric. Remember that the fabric should cover the frame completely.

Once you have determined these dimensions, you will cut sections of the fabric of the same size. After that, You will take the pieces Of fabric and place them on the top right Of the frame. Gently peel back any wrinkles from the fabric. Apply mode pause on the fabric using a brush.

Next, spread the mode pose evenly on both sides of the fabric. Let the mode pause dry completely before applying another layer of fabric on top. When adding pieces of fabric, hang them by placing them at different angles.

Method 2

1. Adjust The Foundation

The first thing is to adjust the foundation; This will increase the height of the twin bed frame. When adjusting the foundation, The Best way to do this is to add material to the floor. This material should be at least one and a half feet above the original level. This will create a flat surface for sitting on the twin bed frame.

Adjust The Foundation for Twin Bed Bigger

2. Adding Wheels

After adjusting the foundation, Remove the wheels and place them on top Of the mattress at the farthest end Of the wall. Make sure the wheels are placed on the edge of the bed frame. So that they do not fall through the fabric. If the addition of wheels tore any fabric, the twin bed frame may need to be upholstered again.

3. Clean The Mattress

After that, remove the pillows and sheets from the mattress. Then, wash everything in hot water using soap and a soft brush. Be careful when cleaning the mattress so that you do not damage the springs. After washing, Let the bed dry completely before putting it back on the mattress.

4. Twin Bed Frame Reupholster

Remove the old bed from the bed frame and then cover the entire twin bed frame and spread a new fabric. Cut the fabric to fit around the whole. The fabric needs to be cut big enough to cover the whole bed. But the is small enough to move. For example, if the twins are 7 feet long, the fabric must be 15 feet wide or 10 feet long. If the frame is light or small, you can trim the fabric accordingly.

Method 3

Step 1: Measure The Size of The Original Twin Bed

Measure the original twin bed to determine what size mattress will fit in it. Note that the height Of the footboard should Be At least 2 inches above the floor And the Length Of the headboard should Be 10-12 inches more than the width Of the mattress. Next, Add about 8 inches on each side to make room For the mattress. Then subtract 2 feet from the existing height to give yourself enough space to work comfortably under the bed frame.

Measure The Size of The Original Twin Bed

The twin beds are about 18 inches wide and 36 inches long. When adding a headboard, footboard, and/or side rail, this size becomes too small for many children. However, parents often struggle to find a place that is big enough for both a twin bed and their child at the same time.

Once you know the overall length Of the bed, Divide it into three equal sections. Each section should be 30 inches long. One side Of the Bed should be 30 inches wide; The second side Should be 28 inches wide And the last side should Be 27 inches wide. Now cut away from the centerline of the corner where the two pieces meet to form four triangle sections.

Step 2: Cut The Fabric and Drill Holes

You will now cut 12 pieces of wood 4 inches wide x 16 inches long for the headboard using a round saw. Before you start cutting, consider what design you want for your twin bed frame. Some common designs include straight, curved, square and angular cuts.

When cutting a triangular shape, always angle the blade toward the center of the piece. This ensures that the final shape is square. When using a round saw or jigsaw, be sure to hold the board firmly against the fence. Otherwise, You may end up cutting too much wood.

Next, remove any excess material around the edges using a table saw. This prevents the formation of splinters as the wood is exposed to a larger surface area. Use a jigsaw to finish the roughness on the side of the bed frame. Be sure to sand the whole project once the cutting is complete.

Cut out the fabric according to the existing measurements. Once cut, measure the existing beds and transfer them to the back of the fabric. Then drill a hole where the screw is going to be inserted.

Step 3: Attach The Side Panel.

Attach the side panels using small wooden screws. Be sure to place large washers under the screw heads so that they are not visible once assembled.

Method 4

This method is the most important to know how to make a twin bed bigger.

Choose The Size and Design

Choose The Size and Design  for Twin Bed Bigger

Choose the dimensions and shape of the twin beds. Most homeowners prefer a smaller bed. However, you should decide whether your two children are comfortable sleeping together or want their own place.

Choose The Right bed Frame Material

Choose good bed frame materials carefully. Wooden frames are the most popular and widely used. However, wooden are considered expensive. So it is better to choose metal frames that are light but strong. You can choose durable and durable steel frames.

Cut Out The Old Mattress

Now it’s time to cut the old mattress in two. To make sure both halves Of the bed are equal, Mark where you want to cut the mattress.

Remove The Old Mattress From The Frame

It is best to remove the old mattress from the frame first. Use a screwdriver And unscrew the screws At the bottom Of the frame. Once the screws are removed, pull the old mattress.


After the cutting process is complete, assemble the headboard. Attach the four front legs to the upper rail using a 1/4 inch screw. Then attach two additional cross braces between the rails below. Continue the assembly process until all four directions are completed.

Method 5

Use Two Beds Side by Side

Use Two Beds Side by Side

The first method involves placing two standard twin-size beds side by side. This method takes up less space overall because there is only half the surface to fill. However, this means that the baby’s mattress needs to be removed from its original position.

Add Shelves

Another method is to add shelves to the wall above a child’s bed. It works well because the shelves are stiff and require little space. These are also great for hiding clutter, toys, blankets, and anything that kids can leave behind while they sleep.

Leave The Mattress Side by Side

You can spread a pair of mattresses side by side. This is actually the same idea as using a double frame but instead of sleeping in two separate frames, you will sleep in a larger frame where there are two twin mattresses. This option is Best if you already have extra space in your bedroom Or living room. This will allow you to create a larger sleeping area without moving any furniture.

When the assembly process is complete, apply a coating of acrylic primer. Allow the primer to dry overnight and then spray on three coats of a satin finish. After the final coating has dried, smooth all surfaces using 120-grit sandpaper, and then apply a second coat of acrylic primer. Let the second coat dry overnight before applying your favorite paint color.

Method 6

1. Use a Box Spring Instead of 2 Boxes

Use a Box Spring Instead of 2 Boxes

Instead of buying two bedsprings and cutting them off, buy a larger boxspring and cut it into two smaller pieces. This method saves space and lets you save money!

2. Reuse Old Furniture

Donate some Of your old bedroom furniture to someone else who needs it. You can even pay for it! Furniture is always in demand and used on A daily basis. So why not reuse what you already have?

3. Find a Large Mattress

When buying A queen-size mattress, Look for A mattress that is at least 54 inches wide from headboard to footboard. This ensures that the mattress covers the entire area of ​​the bed frame.

4. Buy a Double Blanket

Double blankets cost less than single blankets. You can buy one pair of long twin sheets instead of buying separately for each side. This method eliminates the need to fold the sheets.

In short, measure the distance between the walls and check the layout of the room to make sure the bed fits your home. If possible, Do not try to place the bed directly Against the door or window.

If you want to increase the size Of your existing mattress, You can try two simple strategies. First, you can buy a large box spring to accommodate the extra weight. Second, you can add a second mattress to create a twin-bed configuration. Both options allow for increased sleeping space, but they require some planning and implementation.

Method 7

Use a 2×6 Wooden Board As a Frame

Use a 2x6 Wooden Board As a Frame

Cut two 1.5 x 6-inch boards into two equal pieces. Cut the ends to make 4 identical angles. Then remove the middle piece from each board to create four identical directions. Make sure both boards are cut at the same angle.

Make Legs

Place the first patty on top of the second leg to create a square box. Drill holes at the bottom of the boxes using a drill press. Attach the screw eyes to the outside of each box. Drill three small holes in each side corner.

Add Support

Attach the diagonal braces to the inside of the box. Drill holes in the center of each corner of the box to attach the braces. Screw the diagonal brace in place.

Finish The Frame

Drill a large hole in the top center of the box. Attach the headboard To the top Of the frame. The size of a twin mattress is usually 36 inches x 75 inches. Most twin mattress fabrics are made from covered polyester foam. It makes them comfortable but they are quite heavy and bulky. Twin beds are used by couples who are relatively small in height. That said, there are several ways to enlarge a twin bed.

Method 8

Use Large Sheets

If you want to make your twin beds look bigger, you should use larger size sheets. Using larger sheets means there will be less space between your mattress and the sheets. Therefore, the space where you sleep will be smaller. However, enlarging that will still leave you enough room.

Use Large Sheets ForTwo Bed

Use A Frame

Another way to enlarge a twin bed is to use a frame. Frames are usually made of wood or metal. These frames are used by room furniture manufacturers. These usually consist of two vertical legs and one horizontal leg. These are also called headboards. Framing lets you create a long bed.

Use a Box Spring

One final method of enlarging a twin mattress is to use a box spring. Box springs work similarly to a frame but they are usually rectangular. Box springs are usually placed directly under the mattress. As a result, it creates a stable foundation for the mattress. For example, when you sit on a normal bed, the mattress rests on the ground below. When you sit on a box spring, the mattress sits directly on a hard surface.

Method 9

1. Use a 2×6 Frame And Plywood

Using a frame and plywood makes this project easier and cheaper to complete. This type of frame is best for a small space where you want something solid and straightforward that doesn’t take up too much space. The size Of the finished bed will depend on What materials you want to use. Make sure you have measured the length and width of your mattress before buying any material.

2. Buy a Pre-Assembled Twin Bed

A preassembled twin bed is usually cheaper than buying a fully assembled model. If you make A purchase from A home improvement store, You will be able to save even more time because they Are already measured And ready for assembly.

3. Add Storage

If you have extra space around your bed, consider adding a box spring. Box springs are great for storing items under your mattress without scratches or damage. These also act as padding between the frame and the mattress.

4. Consider a Platform Bed

Platform beds are great for making your bedroom look bigger and still allow enough space downstairs to create some extra storage. Platforms can be difficult to assemble, but they offer a clean modern design and are suitable for small spaces.

Consider a Platform Bed

Here Are Some Tips on What To Look For in a Large Bed Frame

The size of your bed frame is really important. A small bed frame means you have to sleep on the floor, Which is not ideal at All. A large bed frame makes sleep more difficult, especially for older adults who often struggle when trying to get into it. So buy yourself something big.

Make sure the mattress fits inside the bed frame. This is the biggest problem. Smaller mattresses fit smaller frames while larger ones fit larger frames.

Look for a king-sized frame. There are reasons why the king item is the most popular and comfortable type. They are wider, longer, and deeper. And they give you enough space to stretch.

Measure the space you want to put in the bed frame. Remember, the area should be equal to the length of your head and two feet. So if you are 6 ‘tall, add 2’.

Think carefully before buying an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable beds require special care. If misused, a compatible bed can cause injury or death.

Consider buying an extra long bed frame. A standard queen-size frame will let you sleep comfortably only when you are lying flat. It won’t work well if you sleep on your side or back. When buying a double frame or an extra-long frame, you will find more space for both comfort and style.

The Final Thought

You will probably need to reduce the dimensions Of your new mattress from its current size, Especially if you plan to use it as A base for stacking extra beds on top Of it. After you buy it, simply remove the packaging and flatten the mattress. Then measure the width And height Of the mattress By placing a ruler along both ends.

Use A tape measure to mark the measurements And write them down. You should aim to reduce your measurements by 50 percent. It means you should measure somewhere Between 6 feet And 7 feet wide by 3 feet and 4 feet long.

The best way to figure out How much you can move your existing frame is to use A tape measure. Start by measuring the distance from the ground to the center Of the headboard. See More?

Add 10 inches to this measurement and the result will be recorded. Now you need to measure the measurements against the bed frame. If you still Want to remove a few inches, Just add one or two more feet until you are happy with the result. Many methods have been shown so I hope you understand how to make a twin bed bigger.

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