How To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

How To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

Have you ever accidentally left A dish towel or piece Of cloth too close to the stove, Only to have it melt into your cookware? If so, You’re not alone. It’s A very common kitchen mishap that can leave you with A sticky, Burnt mess. The good news is that there are A few simple steps you can take on How to remove melted fabric from cookware. With A little elbow grease And the right tools, That burnt cloth will be gone in no time!

Many people will debate whether you should clean your pots And pans at home or take them to a professional kitchen shop. While it’s fine to Do both, I prefer to do it myself If possible. Here are some tips to Help you remove from cookware:


1. Heat

Heat To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

Heat is the Best way to get rid Of fabric residue. If you are using A double boiler, Place your pot directly on top Of the second pan. Make sure the bottoms Of the pans do not touch each other. When they do, Heat will not transfer properly. When the water starts boiling, Turn off the stove. Let rest until water cools.

2. Reheat The Area

Reheat To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

If scrubbing doesn’t work, Reheating the affected area can force out Whatever remains in the pan. Be careful not to burn While doing this.

3. The Solution is Clear

dish soap mixed with hot water To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

If boiling is not An option, You may want to use some Dish soap mixed with Hot water. Add 1/8 cup baking soda And mix it well. Mix about 1 tablespoon Of lemon juice per gallon Of water. 

4. Scrubbing


Use a scrubby pad or scrub brush. Scrub the surface of the pan lightly and let sit for 15 minutes before washing off any remaining soap.

Where the molten plastic rubs against the steel wool, friction can loosen small pieces of the material. If this happens, wash the pan immediately.

5. Scrap Metal Edges

Scrap Metal Edges To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

Scraping the metal edges of the pan before washing helps prevent Any additional damage. Just be sure to do so carefully to avoid scratching the surface.

6. Wash

pan Wash To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

Then, Rinse the pan with hot water And then place it under the faucet Where You can run cold. water through it for 5 minutes. Then, Dry it completely.

7. Place Non-Stick Pans Under Cold Running Water

Place Non-Stick Pans Under Cold Running Water

If you have A non-stick pan, running it under cold running Water For 20 seconds can help loosen some Of the stuck-on ingredients. Let it sit in the sink until it’s time to rinse them.

8. Use A Dish Towel

A Dish Towel To Remove Melted fabric From Cookware

Using A dish towel is A great way to absorb excess liquid from food. Just place A wet towel on the bottom Of the pan And wait for the water to come Out. If the water is not completely reduced, repeat the process.

Method-2 To Remove Melted Fabric From Cookware

Remove Melted Fabric From Cookware

The first step in removing it from cookware is to wash it thoroughly. Wash any dishes as soon as possible after use. Soak items overnight if possible and rinse thoroughly before storing. Once washed, dry the items thoroughly and air dry them completely.

Next, Use A soft sponge or cloth to apply A small amount Of dish soap directly to the area where the pottery has been heated or splashed with hot water. Let the item sit for At least 5 minutes then rinse again using fresh, Cold tap water. Repeat until there is no fading.

Finally, place the items in a single layer in a bowl, plastic bag, Or container with the same type Of fabric. Let them sit overnight. In the morning, Remove the items from the Pot And gently squeeze out any excess liquid. If necessary, Repeat these steps until there is no more dripping.

Though additional cleaning is required, Wrap containers in A clean towel And microwave on high power for 30 seconds until the cloth is dry. If you notice excessive wetting or dripping, you may need to do this A few times. After microwaving, allow the towel to cool for 10 minutes before placing the items back into storage.


A. Cut Up Any Excess Fabric

Cut Up Any Excess Fabric

Use scissors to trim excess fabric around the edges Of the pot or pan. Be sure to do this before cleaning the item.

B. Wipe Inside Thoroughly

Wipe Inside Thoroughly

Wash the entire interior Of the pot or pan with hot water And soap. Be careful not to touch the outside Of the pot or pan while doing this; If you do, You may scratch or damage the finish.

C. Dry Clean The Exterior

Dry Clean The Exterior

If you don’t have time to properly wash And dry pots or pans, You can use some cleaner spray products. Just make sure to keep A safe distance from the surface And avoid getting the product anywhere near your skin. Do not place Any items directly over A hot stove burner or oven! If you’re not sure if you need A cleaner spray product, Check with your local hardware store first.

D. Let It Dry Overnight

Let It Dry Overnight

Once everything is clean And dry, Let it cool overnight. You’ll know it’s done when you feel Any warmth left in the pot.

Method-4 To Remove Melted Fabric From Cookware

A. Use a Baking Soda Soak

Baking Soda Soak

Baking soda is known for its many cleaning properties, And it works well At absorbing moisture. Soak some baking soda in cold water in A plastic container Or sealable bag.

B. Fill a Shallow Dish With Cold Water

Place the baking soda-soaked cloth directly over the water in A shallow Dish. Let sit for 30 minutes or longer, Depending on the size of the item. Check the Pot or pan periodically to make sure no liquid is escaping. When the baking soda has absorbed all the liquid, Use the end of A spatula to lift the cloth from the pot or Pan.

C. Use Freezer Tape

 Freezer Tape

Use freezer tape (or duct tape) to pull the material from the pot or Pan Without damaging it. Start near the bottom And work your way up the side Of the pot Or pan until the entire piece is Covered.

D. Apply Pressure

If all else fails, Apply pressure to the pot or pan where the fabric is attached. Hold the item between both hands and press firmly. You can place A heavy object on top Of the pot or pan to flatten the fabric and lift it.

E. Use Heat

You can Also try using heat to loosen ingredients from the pot or pan. Turn on A hair dryer or blow dryer And hold it close to the material. Make sure that no hot Air gets into the pot or pan. Leave the device running until the fabric loosens from the pot or pan, Then repeat Steps 1 – 4 to remove it.


Wash Your Pan First

Wash Your Pan

While it’s not strictly necessary, washing your pans before use will make it easier to clean up burnt food afterwards. To wash your things, Fill your sink with water And place your pan(s) in until the water reaches halfway up the sides. Turn the faucet on low While soaking to avoid burns.

Make Sure There Are No Stains

Make Sure There Are No Stains

Once everything is clean, dry your pans thoroughly. Use a paper towel to rub the entire outside of your pan, checking both sides of each piece. Then take a second sheet of paper towel and wipe the inside of your pan. We like to use our fingers to check the inside for any remaining stains; A damp sponge or cloth will not be able to reach all corners. If any residue remains, you can rub it with a little dish detergent and then try to wipe off the excess.

Use A Wet Towel To Remove Melted Fabric From Cookware

If the pot is still hot enough to burn the skin, use a wet towel to wipe off the excess. If the water starts to evaporate immediately, the pan is not hot enough to cause damage.

Remove The Small Bits

Continue wiping until only large pieces remain. After the pot has cooled, carefully remove the lid and scrape off the remaining fabric. You may have to go over the same area several times before scraping all the material.

Don’t Try This Trick After Using A Solid-Based Cooking Oil

Solid-Based Cooking Oil

Solid-based cooking oil does not melt. As they begin to boil, they begin to release smoke, which prevents the pot from overheating. Always allow a solid-based cooking product to cool completely before washing or cleaning up any residue.

Scrape The Bottom Of The Pot

Scrape The Bottom Of The Pot

Once the pan has cooled, Scrape Any remaining ingredients from the base Of the pan. 

Try To Avoid Using Abrasives

Abrasive products can scratch the surface of metal item, leaving permanent marks that will make future cleaning efforts challenging. Instead, use a soft cloth dampened in warm, soapy water.


Keep The Pan In The Fridge.

Cooking can be A bit Of A science, And when you’re dealing with this on your item, It’s important to know the Best way to remove it. There are A few different ways to do this, But one Of the most effective is to refrigerate the pan.

It may seem counterintuitive, But the cold will actually help break down the fabric And make it easier to remove. Also, It will help prevent further melting or damage to your cookware.

To remove from your cookware using this method, Refrigerate the pan for several hours or Overnight. Then, Use A spatula or other sharp tool to remove the fabric. You may need to repeat this process A few times to get All the fabric Off, But eventually you will Be able to clean your things And prepare it for use again.

Find An Object That Can Get Off The Melted Fabric.

If you have this item on your cookware, There are A few things you can Do to try to remove it. An alternative is to find An object that can get under the fabric and help peel it Off. A butter knife or spatula can work well for this. You can try using a toothpick or other sharp object to gently pick the fabric until it Starts to come away from the pot or pan.

If the above methods Don’t work, you may need to take more aggressive measures. Try using A metal scrubber or sandpaper to scrape the Fabric. It will probably take some time and elbow grease, But it should work eventually. Be sure to rinse your Cookware thoroughly After removing any remaining debris.

Make Sure It’s On A Flat Surface 

When you’re removing melted fabric from cookware, It’s Important to make sure the cookware is on A flat surface. This will help prevent further melting And make it easier for you to get it. Once you Have the things on A flat surface, You can use A spoon or other utensil to remove items. Be careful not to scrape too hard, As this can damage the cookware. If necessary, you can use A sharp knife to carefully cut away Any remaining fabric.

Using Your Chosen Tool, Tap The Pan

If the melted fabric is On the bottom of the pan, Tap the pan gently with A butter knife or spatula to loosen it. If the fabric sticks to the sides of the pan, Use A wooden spoon Or heat-resistant spatula to scrape it up.

What is easier to remove from cookware – Fiber or plastic?

When it comes to removing it from cookware, Fiber is much easier to remove than plastic. Plastic can melt And stick to items, Making it difficult to remove. On the other hand, Fiber will not Dissolve And will come off easily.

What To Do With A Microfiber Towel Melted On The Stove?

If you accidentally melt A microfiber towel on your stove, Don’t panic! Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn off the heat And let the pan cool.
  2. Once the pan has cooled, Gently scrape up the melted  with A spatula or spoon.
  3. If Any stubborn bits remain, Soak the pan in warm soapy water for A few minutes before scrubbing with A sponge or brush.
  4. Rinse the pan thoroughly And dry with A clean towel before using again.

How Do You Remove Melted Fabric From Cookware?

The first thing is to cool the oven And the fabric As much as possible. The Best way to do this is to turn Off the oven And let it cool for about An hour. After that, You can use A hair dryer or A fan to speed up the process. You can try using ice packs or cold water, But make sure none of these liquids come in contact with your skin.

There are A few things you can Do to remove it from cookware. One Of the most effective ways to do this is to use boiling water And ice cubes. You’ll want to use boiling water And ice cubes to loosen the fabric from the pot Or pan before trying to peel or scrape off the burnt material.

The Final Thought

The best way to remove melted fabric from cookware is to use the dishwasher.

If you want to use A non-dishwasher method, Soak the pan in hot water for about 10 minutes and then use A sponge to remove the fabric.

When you remove this from the item, It’s important to note that the process will Be easier if the kitchen is still warm.

The process Of removing it from cookware can be A difficult one. However, This can Be made easier By making sure the cooking pot is warm when you start.

What Do you get when you combine A few inexpensive items, Some dish soap, And some elbow grease? A shiny, Smooth surface that will help keep your pans scratch-free And long-lasting. Today we’re giving away A set Of stainless steel pots and pans, Any quality nonstick cookware can use this treatment although the results won’t last long! Hope you understand How to remove melted fabric from cookware.

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