Bathroom Night Light Ideas

Bathroom Night Light Ideas

A bathroom is not just A place to clean or go to the toilet. It is a perfect place for rest and peace. A well-Lit bathroom brings Out the Best in you. Bathroom Night Lights – Since bathrooms tend to be dark spaces, you’ll find that these rooms often need some extra lighting, so check out these bathroom night light ideas.

Nightlight isn’t always about simplifying things; These can serve as a nice reminder to help you wake up on time every day. Nowadays we have a lot of smart devices and gadgets. Hence, many people use them in their bathroom at night.

18 best and most effective bathroom night light ideas ever

1. Vont ‘Lyra’ Bathroom Night Light 

Vont 'Lyra' Bathroom Night Light 

You can leave it on while brushing or flossing her teeth, or even place it inside her closet. Just make sure the nightlight isn’t too close to a mirror, as you don’t want to scare him or anything!

Here we have another great DIY project that uses only things you have lying around the house. The Vont ‘Lyra bathtub light is designed to mimic the effect of moonlight inside your bathroom. It works by using a small LED bulb that shines through the white paper. The room is getting lighter as it gets darker.

Anyway, these Vaunt nightlights are pretty neat and pretty useful, but they’re not the only ones out there. Another company makes much smaller versions that you can stick to ceilings and the like.

2. Amir Upgraded Motion Sensor 

Amir Upgraded Motion Sensor 

The best option would be any motion sensor toilet paper dispenser that has a built-in night light. These units have been around for a while now and are perfect for bathrooms. They work great and are relatively inexpensive. You could even find these at a local hardware store.

If you don’t want to use a sensor bathroom paper dispenser and would rather just install a simple bathroom light, then consider something like this LED bathroom light. This particular model comes with two bulbs, each with five different colors. These Lights are small enough to fit anywhere You need them. If you plan on using this fixture all year long, then I’d recommend buying the white version.

3. GE Soft LED Night Light 

GE Soft LED Bathroom Night Light 

If you Have been looking for A great way to brighten up your bathroom while saving money At the same time, Then look no further than this soft LED light! You can now get a nice little nightlight that uses only 75 watts of power and dims down to low enough levels that you won’t wake anyone up if you’re trying to sleep. 

It’s just perfect for when you want something super simple and inexpensive to add some brightness to your bathroom without going overboard on the price tag. It features 12 different color options. Including red, Blue, green, Yellow, orange, purple, pink, White, black, aqua, and Silver.

4. LED Light For Adults

 Bathroom Night Light

An adult bathroom will need more than a regular night light. You’ll need more advanced fixtures that allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs. There are two different types Of bulbs to choose from – Warm white And cool white. Warm whites tend to be brighter, while cooler whites give less glare. Both of these options will offer you a much deeper color spectrum than what a standard incandescent provides.

5. Eufy by Anker Lumi 

Bathroom Night Light Eufy by Anker Lumi 

The Eufy by Anker luminaire is designed to help you find your way in the dark. A smart lighting solution for the bathroom that illuminates the area around the toilet bowl without blinding users. Whether you need to read while brushing your teeth or have trouble finding the medicine cabinet in the dark, Ufi from Ankers Luminaire can make your life easier.

Eufy By Anki LED Light Strip comes in different sizes (13.8 ft., 10 ft., 6.35 ft.) and colors (blue, red). The strips are designed to provide light around the perimeter of your room without disturbing sleep patterns. You can set the time Interval between Each cycle according to your own personal preference. The lights only use 5 watts so they won’t cause any overheating problems and their soft glow won’t disturb others sleeping nearby.

If you want to control the brightness Of this light, You can adjust the power level using A remote controller. A built-in motion sensor turns them off when they are moved out of reach and automatically returns to full brightness after 30 seconds. If you don’t have access to a remote, you’ll need to turn the lights on/off manually.

6. Lofter Plug-In Light 

 Lofter Plug-In Bathroom Night Light 

Plug-ins make everything easier, and they’re especially helpful if you have kids at home who might not always hit their lights out before bed. Putting a white light on your urinal can help guide them where to go at night.

Plug-ins are smaller than traditional night lights, but they still provide enough illumination for nighttime tasks. You can use them with existing light switches and dimmers, or add a little extra flair with a few decorative accents. Inexpensive Plug-In nightlights are great for when you want A little extra light in the bathroom At night.

7. PIR Motion Sensor Bathroom Light 

PIR Motion Sensor Bathroom Night Light 

Motion sensors Have become very popular in the past few years, Especially in the bathroom lighting market.

The advantage Of PIR is that it requires no power source, And it detects movement based on the temperature difference between the object it is sensing And its surroundings, Making it much cheaper than phototransistors.However, even though they don’t use electricity, they still need a battery to last long enough to detect changes in the object’s temperature.

Another disadvantage of PIR sensors is that they often emit false positives due to ambient light conditions. To avoid this problem, you can use a PIR sensor connected to a DHT22 humidity temperature sensor to prevent accidental movement detection, especially in cold bathrooms where objects cannot naturally raise the temperature of the surrounding air.

8. Rechargeable LED Night Light

Rechargeable LED Night Light

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Are becoming the mainstream light source due to their low power consumption, Long lifetime, And high efficiency. However, many people still hesitate to replace traditional fluorescent bulbs with LEDs because they don’t know how to use them.

These rechargeable night lights are a fun option because they can be charged using this type of computer port. These are useful for places where you don’t want to worry about running out of battery. By using a suitable budget, you can now go back to enjoying the simple pleasures of having a bathroom without worrying about the electricity bill increasing day by day.

9. White LED Bulb

White LED Bulb

White led bulbs are very popular among people these days. Because they look peaceful and calm. And even though they use less electricity than regular bulbs, they still give off great light.

10. GE LED  Night Light Ideas

GE LED  Bathroom Night Light Ideas

GE LEDs use only 50% less energy than regular Incandescent bulbs At half the cost. Also, the lamp is designed to last 25 years longer than conventional bulbs.So If you want to save money but still want great lighting, Look no further than this product!

The Best thing about these types of bulbs is that they are very easy to install As they do not require Any wiring or any electrical tools. All you have to do is plug it into A regular outlet, Place it where you want, And then you’re good to go. You can adjust the brightness level Of the bulb depending on How bright you want it to be.

11. Westec Manual Switch LED Night Light 

Westec Manual Switch LED Night Light 

This is Westec’s manual switch night light. Wester offers three different brightness settings (low, medium, And high) And two color options (warm white, And cool white). There is also a timer setting so you don’t have to keep checking back!

The west night light comes with an AC adapter and plug-in cord.


  • High-quality construction
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy setup
  • Timer function
  • Three brightness levels
  • Warm White / Cool White option

12. Pottery Barn Kids Ceramic Moon 

Pottery Barn Kids Ceramic Moon 

This Pottery Barn Kids Ceramic Moon Bathroom Light features a white porcelain body with a ceramic blue moon design. White porcelain is bright enough to light up Any room with its warm glow.

The Pottery Barn Children’s Ceramic Night Light comes with a white cord and plug. Place the Pottery Barn Kid Ceramic Moon Light anywhere in the house for a cozy atmosphere at night.


  • White porcelain body with ceramic blue moon design
  • Beautiful kid-friendly design
  • Warm flush
  • Corded plug included

13. Hatch Rest Light 

Hatch Rest Light 

My baby girl had her first nighttime diaper change last week and I was so excited for a shower afterward! I started researching what we could use in the bathroom to help make things easier and discovered the Hatch Rest Bathroom Nightlight and Smart Sound Machine. The lamp automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of not being touched which makes nighttime a lot less stressful for my little angel! The lamp also comes with the sounds of birds chirping, raindrops falling, and ocean waves crashing to ease the transition from day to night.

14. Globe Electric Multicolor Silicon Lamp

 Bathroom Silicon Lamp night light

Multicolor silicon lamps were around at the turn of the last century and were once ideal for both home use and commercial establishments. Advanced lighting technology gave us the LED – which has many advantages — but we are now beginning to ask whether they should return!

The Globe Electric lamp perfectly complements any décor. A warm white soft glow encourages relaxation and can help improve concentration and memory. But since these do not burn out, occupants can continue to enjoy them after electricity bills are due.Easy to install using simple hand tools.

  • Great for offices, hospitals, libraries, retail shops, and anywhere where there is access to electricity.
  • No Electricity is consumed during operation.
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations and features die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Soft, safe-to-touch bulbs are easily changed without fear of glass breakage.
  • Features a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust brightness conveniently.
  • Comes with 5

15. Casper Glow Light 

Casper Glow Bathroom Night Light 

This is my favorite Casper Glow night light! I use it with a few different lighting options (see below). This night light uses A single AA battery (not included) And measures approximately 5 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches tall.

I like to use it in my bathroom along with some of my other Casper night lights. I really enjoy a nice night glow when I’m getting ready in the morning. You get a Casper Glow Bathroom Bathroom Light in your favorite color choice.

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16. Vons Lyra Wall Mounted Bathroom Nightlight

Vons Lyra Wall Mounted Bathroom Nightlight

The Vons Lyra wall-mounted light features a soft white glow and a convenient push-button switch. This attractive nightlight features a built-in motion sensor that turns off after 30 minutes of nonmovement. Set the nightlight on A bedside table or shelf to illuminate Your room while you sleep.

17. Vons Lyra Under Cabinet Bathroom Nightlight

Vons Lyra Under Cabinet Bathroom Nightlight

I ordered this under-cabinet light for my bathroom to replace our old fluorescent bulb. We were having issues with flickering, Dimming, Etc… So we decided to try something different. And I am glad we did because we love how bright this is, it’s super bright, not too hot, and the warm white color gives off the perfect amount of light. So, it’s great quality at a reasonable price. I would recommend this if you are looking for A good nightlight.

18. Vintique Bathroom Nightlight

Vintique Bathroom Nightlight

Vintage bathroom nightlights are the best choice for those who want something stylish and unique for their bathroom. Their timeless Appeal makes them perfect for use in any space, including bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, And living rooms.

They are designed to fit in with the existing Decor, while still adding A quirky vibe to the room. These lights use vintage-style bulbs, making them safe and eco-friendly options for anyone. Vintique bathroom nightlights feature a variety of colors and designs, meaning they can coordinate easily with existing decors. Because Of how simple and stylish they are, They make great gifts for friends And family. 

What Lights Use The Least Energy?

What Bathroom Night Lights Use The Least Energy

The average household uses 2.8W per hour With the average LED bulb being 1.25W per hour. A small CFL bulb consumes 0.18W per hour. A halogen bulb costs around 4.35W per hour. Incandescent bulbs cost 6.5W per hour. What does this tell us? If we have LED bathroom nightlights, they should consume less than 30% of the amount of power of the average LED bulb (1.00W). That means if we purchase 10 LED bathroom nightlights, their total energy consumption would be less than 0.30 * 10 3 hours of usage a month compared to each average LED bulb using 5.00 hours a month. In the long run, LED bulbs will save quite A bit Of money!

Can Bathroom Night Lights Be Left On All Night?

Can Bathroom Night Lights Be Left On All Night?

Yes, they won’t burn out the bulbs if you set them low enough. Be sure to get a night light that uses LED technology.

No, They should only Be used for emergencies or if someone is asleep At home (and not everyone likes to Be woken up by the sound Of running water). If you don’t use them regularly, it’s probably best to leave them until you need them again.

Often creates A sense Of security for those who Live alone. However, sometimes people feel more comfortable with lights on late at night. If you feel like it, then it’s okay to use them. But let your partner or roommates know in advance so they don’t get shocked/upset later.

Are Night Lights Harmful?

Are Bathroom Night Lights Harmful

A lot of people wonder if using a bathroom nightlight is safe or not. In fact, some experts have actually said that they aren’t dangerous at all. However, if you are still worried about how safe they really are, then let’s talk about what our experts say.

First off, nightlights are necessary. The light emitted from them helps us get ready for bedtime. Nightlights work by emitting low-level blue light which mimics sunlight. This creates the feeling of daytime and gets us ready for sleep.

However, It is not safe to use these things while sleeping. Experts have warned that the light emitted can disrupt your body’s natural rhythms.

At What Age Do Kids Use Night Lights?

What Age Do Kids Use Night Lights

Nightlights should not only illuminate the room but should provide enough illumination to allow normal activities. While adults can read comfortably in low levels of ambient light, the same cannot always be said for youngsters. If the level of light emitted by night lights is too high, it can cause eye strain and poor concentration in school.

Night lights should Not be used by Children under 10 years Of age. At this age children’s eyesight is still developing and they may have trouble seeing things clearly when exposed to bright lights. Some people still suffer from night terrors even after puberty. Also, some parents turn off their nightlights before going to bed instead of turning them on. Research shows that Exposing children to such light-Emitting devices (LEDs) increases the risk Of heart attacks later in Life.

Nightlights should not emit any UV light or shine in the infrared spectrum. These wavelengths have been proven to damage our eyes. Infrared radiation can make babies feel hot and uncomfortable. Blue-white LED lights, which emit visible blue light, are considered safe and effective for night lighting.


There are many reasons to install bathroom lights if they are not already there. These factors include things like safety, sleep quality, mood, and even productivity. If your bathroom doesn’t have a night light, it’s time to install one! If you want something different from what is already installed, these bathroom night light ideas can help you.

Bathrooms have become an extension of our homes, Which we rely on At any time Of the day. We need them to function properly and feel safe. That said, bathroom lighting solutions should be taken seriously and carefully planned.

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