Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas

Countertops have become a fixture in our homes. You use them every Day to prepare food, Clean dishes, And even put on your make-up. However, not many people know about bathroom counter decorating ideas.

A small room among many rooms in the house is the bathroom. But it has the power to make A big statement. The layout of the bathroom is not possible, but you can expand it a bit by using some basic decorations. This will turn it into an attractive and efficient space.

Here are 32 ways you can change the look of these spaces without spending too much money or time.

1. The Tile

The Tile bathroom

Most bathrooms have a lot of water. Tiling not only keeps your floor dry, it also prevents water damage. Tiles add beauty to a space, giving it character. Consider adding a backsplash with your new tiles. 

Various types of tiles are available from ceramic to natural stone. You can go with traditional white tiles or choose a color scheme that complements the rest of your bathroom. When choosing colors for your bathroom, Remember that bright colors can make small spaces feel larger than they really are.

Backsplashes should be installed after the tiling is complete, but it provides the perfect place to hide plumbing pipes and cables.

2. The Color

The Color

Color is another way to customize your bathroom without committing to a specific style. Choose A color scheme that suits you. If you don’t like blue, maybe try pink! Or if you prefer white with black accents, go for it. Remember to stick to only neutral colors (like brown) when doing small projects.

3. The Mirror 

The Mirror 

Mirrors are wonderful pieces of art that can make even the smallest bathroom feel grand. However, mirrors aren’t just great for showing off your bathroom; They actually make it easier to shave and make your face. A mirror placed near your toilet gives you extra visibility so you don’t miss those pesky hairs. If you’re feeling extra creative, hang small mirrors from the ceiling. Mirrors are best used in bathrooms where they can be placed above sinks, medicine cabinets, and towel racks. Mirrors are often associated with vanity units, but they can easily fit almost anywhere. They give off a fun, playful feel.

If you have children, a safety-rated mirror will provide extra protection if they fall out of their bathtub or splash water on them.

4. Wallpaper


When choosing your wallpaper patterns, think about how well they work with the decor theme of your bathroom. If you’re planning to paint your bathroom soon, consider buying some sample tiles before starting your project. That way, if you decide not to go with your original plan, you’ll know what type of tile will look best with the current design of the room.

5. Dispenser 


In today’s society, many people use electronic dispensers to dispense their various products including soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. throughout the house. While these devices offer convenience, they can be rather expensive, so if you have the extra cash lying around, we recommend purchasing a simple, but effective manual dispenser. By simply placing the item inside the container and twisting it upwards, the product will begin to discharge. You do not need a complex system or any special equipment; Simply place the item inside the dispenser and twist it upwards. Such devices are very affordable and versatile.

6. Ceramic Or Other Glassware 

In addition to providing a great decorative option, glassware is incredibly durable. It won’t crack if dropped or bumped, making it ideal for bathrooms in high-traffic areas.

If you’re still interested in adding some color to your kitchen and still keeping things clean and simple, ceramic or other glassware might be just the thing for you! Ceramic And glassware Are extremely versatile And can fit almost anywhere in your home. You can use them to accent walls, windows, doors and even shelves. You can find anything from stemless wine glasses to beautiful vases to modern pitchers.

7. Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

A shower curtain can make A big difference in the quality Of A bathroom. It’s a smart investment. Choose a clean, solid color for the background and then use contrasting materials on the edges to make it pop. Keep colors muted and neutral so they don’t distract from the rest of the room. Be sure to hang it high enough that you can still close the door.

If you’ve got a big budget, you can choose to buy a custom curtain set. Custom-made curtains are expensive, but they last forever. If you want To save money, You can find inexpensive shower curtains At your local home Improvement store. Look for shower curtains with mesh inserts. The mesh insert allows for maximum airflow while keeping water inside.

8. Hold The Towel

Hold The Towel

A towel rack adds convenience to your bathroom design and helps keep towels from getting tangled behind doors or in closets. Towels hang neatly on these racks and are easy to grab when you need them. To ensure towels stay dry, choose a towel holder that has waterproof materials or a drain hole in the bottom. Avoid putting holes in your bathroom tiles, choose a towel rack that can sit in place without damage. To add storage, install shelves above the towel bar to store toiletries and other items.

9. The Wall Hook

The Wall Hook

Wall hooks are inexpensive accessories for keeping towels and other items near the washroom. This is useful for those who live in small spaces and cannot store much in the bathroom. Place wall hooks near doors leading to bedrooms and dressing rooms. That way, you won’t forget anything while getting ready for bed.

10. Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are designed to hold soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, And other products That are used while showering. This holder is especially helpful for those who take long showers or share a restroom.

11. Decorative Bag 

Decorative bags don’t have to be boring at all! You can try using them instead of regular shopping bags to add some extra flair to the room. Look for bags that can serve multiple purposes, Such As drawers, Grocery bags, Laundry baskets, And even toy storage. These bags are perfect for keeping everything organized inside the bathroom and still look fashionable enough to display on the vanity.

12. Tissue box

Tissue box

Tissue boxes are great for storing toiletries and organizing items inside the bathroom. If you don’t want to use plastic containers, glass or wooden tissue box is a great alternative. As long as you clean regularly, they will last forever. Also, remember that tissue boxes that are left outside will eventually start to get moldy and moldy unless you store them properly indoors. To avoid this problem, store them away from humidity and moisture. Make sure to wrap them well by putting them in a garbage bag first before putting them in the box

13. Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are inexpensive decorations that you can find at discount stores. They are perfect for bathrooms because they are cheap, simple, and colorful. They’re also a fun way to brighten up your entire bathroom if you need a little pop of color. Be sure to get the larger Sizes when you pick them up So you can use them As room dividers.

14. Light Bulb 

Light Bulb 

Light bulbs are pretty straightforward. They provide light and allow people to use the bathroom comfortably throughout the night. However, you need to remember to replace the bulb once it turns dim or yellow as this can cause serious problems down the road. Additionally, Be sure to get bulbs that Offer the right amount Of lumens (Light Output) for the Size Of the fixture to achieve the Best results.

15. Bathroom Storage Shelves

Bathroom Storage Shelves

If you want to Have extra storage space in your bathroom, Consider installing A shelf. This area is great for storing beauty products, toiletries, etc If you don’t know where you want to install this type of shelving, consider placing it above the sink or vanity.

16. Toilet Paper Holder 

Toilet Paper Holder 

Toilet paper holders sometimes referred to as trash cans, are convenient for keeping toilet paper out of sight and reach and making it easy to locate whenever you need it. They come in different sizes And Styles depending on How much Space you have to store toilet paper. Some models even allow you to store a roll of toilet paper inside the holder instead of pulling it out every time you need some fresh rolls.

17. Countertops 


Countertops are the perfect place to add some extra flair to your bathroom. From a simple wood laminate to beautiful marble, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you here. Marble is often considered one of the best options for bathrooms because it adds elegant charm while still being durable and functional.

18. Bathroom Cabinet 

A bathroom cabinet is usually used to store toiletries, Cleaning supplies, Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions, Etc. A bathroom wall-mounted unit is best if space allows, but some people prefer a bathroom vanity over a bathtub style. There are many different Styles And finishes to choose from, Including wood, Marble, Glass or plastic.

19. Fixture For Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas

Fixture For Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas

Fixtures are a fun and practical option for your bathroom.. Not only does it provide a great place to relax And soak in the tub, But it also creates A unique focal point that draws the eye and provides A focal point for the room. Also, fixtures give you a lot of flexibility for placement. Try installing a sink fixture on a wall, or adding a bathtub over a floor-mounted shower.

20. Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are essential additions to any bathroom. Whether it’s your baby or pet, you probably already have some medicine around the house. Instead of taking the chance that someone might accidentally knock over a bottle and break it, throw a little organization in there! Try grouping related medications together. For example, pain relievers should be combined and vitamins should also be combined. Also, make sure to label everything inside and out. Note what’s inside and out, including the expiration date and instructions for use.

21. Toiletries 

Toiletries bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to modernize your bathroom, try placing a tray above your vanity. Put away your soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, And anything else in the medicine cabinet. When you need it, grab it from the tray instead of digging under the drawer.

22. Toilet Bowl 

Toilet Bowl 

The toilet bowl is one Of those things that stays the same no matter What bathroom you remodel. However, Some people leave their toilet bowls out in the open while others prefer to store them inside A closet or under the sink. Either way, If you want to add A little extra flair to the bathroom, Consider adding A unique toilet bowl. There are many options to choose from including antique toilet bowls, Retro toilet bowls And even vintage toilet Bowls. While they aren’t cheap, they can be a fun addition to any bathroom remodel.

23. Colorful Bathroom Accessories

If you love color, then you should consider bathroom accessories. Choose different colors on accessories like towels, Shower curtains, Hand soap dispensers, Toothbrushes, Razors, Etc. By choosing colorful bathroom accessories, you can add personality to the space without making it gaudy. However, make sure that you keep the accessories simple and not too bold. Also, consider what kind of mood best suits your bathroom’s color scheme. Do you want a relaxing, spa-like vibe? Then maybe go with warmer pastels. Or if you want a bright, fun look, stick with vibrant blues and greens.

24. The Bathtub 

The Bathtub 

The bathtub is another bathroom fixture that has remained pretty consistent over the years. Most bathtubs today still have the same basic design and features. No matter what type Of bathroom remodel you decide to do, Your bathtub will Likely stay the same. But, if you want to give your bathroom an update that’s both stylish and functional, the first step is to decide whether you need a new bathtub or a renovated bathtub. To determine what you need, look at the condition of the existing tub.

25. Lamp

Lamp bathroom

Lamps are not just decorative items. There are many different types Of lamps that can help improve your lighting situation. A lamp placed near the bathroom door helps illuminate the area, making it easier to see. Lighting makes it easier to take care Of certain tasks, Such As washing hands after using the restroom. If you don’t have enough light, try placing a lamp above your medicine cabinet – it gives soft and indirect light.

26. Waterproof” Paint 

 Waterproof" Paint 

The bathroom is a wet environment. Water seeps in and runs down the walls, dripping onto everything it touches. Sometimes, water damage begins to accumulate and progress until the walls become discolored, moldy, and unsanitary. In fact, water loss is the main cause of dry rot, which ultimately leads to corrosion and structural failure. To avoid this, you can cover any vulnerable surface in your bathroom with waterproof paint. You can find waterproof paints in spray cans or liquid form that cover almost anything. Be sure to read the label carefully before buying the product though. Some paints are waterproof, but not all of them.

27. Picture 


Pictures are a good way to make rooms look bigger. Hang pictures on the wall to make your bathroom look bigger. Also, hang pictures in strategic places to create a sense of order throughout the room. Remember to keep things simple when hanging pictures. Try to avoid adding too much detail Or too many colors to each image.

28. The Candle 

The Candle

Candles add a lot of ambiance to a bathroom. Add candles to your bathtub or sink to create a relaxing atmosphere. The scent of the candle matches your current mood. If you prefer, you can even place it on a nearby table or shelf to add fragrance to the air around your bathroom.

29. Bathroom Storage Basket 

Bathroom Storage Basket

Bathroom storage baskets are handy for organizing your bathroom supplies. They can be placed either on shelves or inside cabinets. Keep them organized and clean, and your bathroom won’t look cluttered

30. Fresh Flowers And Greenery  

 Fresh Flowers And Greenery  

Plants are excellent bathroom counter decorations if you have plenty of them. Tropical species such As philodendrons And bromeliads Are the Best to use. These types Of plants look good All year round no matter what time Of the year they are planted. You can easily find these types of plants at any garden center.

If you don’t want real plants, then fresh flowers are an option for bathroom counter decoration. You can simply stick fresh flowers in a vase or place them inside a decorative container. When buying flowers, you should avoid buying roses because they are expensive. Instead, choose tulips alongside lilies. Tulip bulbs are inexpensive and last for months. Lilies work great because they are long-lasting and really fragrant

31. Accessories


Accessories can go from basic to amazing in your bathroom. Light fixtures can transform an empty room into a cozy retreat. Hang a chandelier above the bathtub or install recessed lighting above the mirror. In the same vein, a few bookshelves can provide plenty of storage space and serve as a cozy reading nook. The options are endless when it comes to decorative accessories.

32. Create A Relaxing Environment 

Create A Relaxing Environment 

Although you want to focus on the beauty Of your bathroom, You should not forget about its functional aspect. Add comfortable seating furniture to your bathroom. Invest in a stool and a simple chair that can work well with any type of bathroom space.


A bathroom is not just A place Where we go to clean ourselves. A bathroom is A place where we use various products like toothpaste, Hair gel, Soap, Shampoo, Etc. 

Bathrooms can improve your entire space if you apply the above tips correctly. I hope this is helpful for you because you understand that Bathroom counter decorating ideas

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