Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

In any bedroom, It is important that you make the best use of the available space. Having furniture that can serve multiple purposes is A great way to maximise the area. One such piece of furniture is having A desk in your bedroom. With careful planning and creative design, You can incorporate A desk into your bedroom layout to create an efficient And attractive space. In this article, We will look at some great ideas for how to design A bedroom layout with A desk incorporated.

What is the Bedroom Layout?

When creating A bedroom layout it’s important to consider how much space you have available And how you want to use it. For example, If you prefer to watch TV in bed then you may want to place your Bed near an Electrical outlet so that you can easily plug in your television. You should also think about how much storage space you need for clothing And other items. If storage is an issue then consider adding shelves or Additional dressers to maximise space. Finally, It’s important to keep your bedroom layout comfortable And inviting.

1. Importance of Having a Desk in the Bedroom

Importance of Having a Desk in the Bedroom

Having A desk in the bedroom can be incredibly beneficial for those who are looking to create A productive And organised workspace. A table provides A dedicated space for studying, writing, Or other Activities that require concentration And focus.

Having A desk in the Bedroom also allows you to take Advantage of natural light during the day, Which can help improve focusAnd alertness. Additionally, It gives you the opportunity to create an organised workspace that is tailored to your needs. This could include adding shelves for storage or organising supplies into drawers or bins. Finally, Having A table in the bedroom can provide A comfortable spot for reading or enjoying some quiet time away from other rooms of the home.

2. Consider the Size of the Bedroom

Consider the Size of the Bedroom

When it comes to Designing A bedroom layout, One of the most Important factors to consider is the size of the room. Whether you have A small or large bedroom, Your design choices will be impacted by the amount of space you have available. 

For smaller bedrooms, It’s important to choose A desk that doesn’t take up too much space. A corner table can be an excellent choice for maximising floor space And creating an efficient workspace. Alternatively, You might consider using A wall-mounted desk or even opting for A minimalist writing table that can easily be tucked away When not in use. In larger bedrooms, There’s typically more flexibility in terms of design options.

3. Choose a Desk that Matches the Style of the Room

Choose a Desk that Matches the Style of the Room

When it comes to Designing your Bedroom, Choosing the right desk can be an Important Decision. The table not only provides A workspace for productivity and organisation, but also adds to the overall aesthetics of the room.

If you prefer A minimalist approach, Consider A sleek And simple desk design that matches the colour scheme of your room. On the other hand, If you want to add some character And personality to your space, An old-style wooden table can be perfect for creating A vintage vibe. If you’re looking for something more modern And trendy, Try incorporating an industrial-style metal desk into your bedroom layout.

4. Placing the Desk Against the Wall

Placing the Desk Against the Wall

If you’re looking to create A comfortable And functional workspace in your bedroom without sacrificing style or comfort, Consider placing your desk against the wall. This layout idea is perfect for those who want to maximise their Available space while still maintaining their privacy And personal space. You can add more storage options by mounting floating shelves above the table or adding storage containers underneath. Another great feature of placing your Desk against the wall is that it allows you to have some Privacy While working from home or studying.

5. Adding a Bookshelf Beside the Desk

Adding a Bookshelf Beside the Desk

Incorporating A bookshelf beside the Desk will also help keep your work area tidy. It’s easy to let papers And books pile up on your desktop, But having A designated spot for them can make it easier to stay organised. Plus, Having everything in one place means you won’t waste time searching for that Important Document or reference book When you need it most.

Another benefit of adding A bookshelf beside the table is that it creates an inviting atmosphere. You’ll be able to display items that inspire you or showcase any collections you might have.

6. Adding a Comfortable Chair

Adding a Comfortable Chair

A comfortable chair can enhance your productivity levels And help reduce fatigue during long work sessions. When choosing your ideal chair, Consider its ergonomics – the position of your body while seated – as well as its design. Look for chairs with Adjustable height, tilt mechanism And backrests to support good posture while sitting. Consider also the type of cushioning used in the seat; Memory foam or gel cushions are popular options for maximum comfort. A comfortable chair isn’t only practical But also stylish in addition to any bedroom layout idea with A desk.

7. Utilising Wall Space for Desks

Utilising Wall Space for Desks

Utilising wall space for desks is A smart way to maximise the functionality of your Bedroom. With the increasing need for work from home setups And online learning, Having A designated workspace at home has become essential. 

One option is to install A floating desk on an empty wall area. This type of table takes up minimal floor space While providing ample workspace for your computer And other office essentials. Another option is to use A corner table setup Which can easily fit into tight spaces without taking up much room. To save even more space, You could opt for A foldable wall-mounted table that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

8. Incorporating Desk with Interior Design

Consider the size of your room And choose an appropriate desk that fits comfortably without overcrowding the space. Depending on the size of your room, You may want to opt for A compact desk or even A floating shelf as an alternative workspace solution. Consider adding some storage options such as shelves or drawers to keep clutter at bay And maintain an organised workspace. Additionally, Make sure that any additional furniture such as chairs or lamps complement the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

9. Position a Modular Desk Between Fitted Wardrobes

Position a Modular Desk Between Fitted Wardrobes

When choosing A modular Desk, Consider its size, Shape, And style. Go for one that complements the design elements of your bedroom And matches your personal taste. You can also customise the colour or finish to create A cohesive look with your fitted wardrobes. For instance, If you have white wardrobes, Opt for A white or light-coloured desk to maintain consistency in the palette. To create an inviting workspace between fitted wardrobes, Accessorise with items such as table lamps, Potted plants, And decorative storage boxes.

10. A Floating Desk can be Placed in the Corner

A Floating Desk can be Placed in the Corner in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

One of the best things about A floating Desk is its versatility. It can fit seamlessly into any corner of your Bedroom, Allowing you to make use of otherwise unused space. Plus, It’s easy to install And doesn’t Require any special tools or skills. 

Another benefit of A floating desk is that it can be customised to fit your personal style And needs. You can choose from various designs, materials, And sizes to create the perfect workspace for your specific needs. Whether you’re using it as A homework station or as A home office, A floating table is sure to enhance the layout And functionality of your bedroom.

11. Choose a Free-Standing Desk in a Teenager’s Bedroom

Choose a Free-Standing Desk in a Teenager's Bedroom in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

A free-standing desk can also provide more space for storage And organisation. With built-in shelves or drawers, Your teenager will have plenty of room to store their school supplies, Books And other essential items within easy reach. This can help keep the bedroom clutter-free And make it easier for them to focus on their studies.

Another benefit of choosing A free-standing table is that it can serve multiple purposes. Your teenager may use it as A workspace during the day But then easily transform it into A vanity or entertainment centre at night.

12. Select a Desk with Drawers

Select a Desk with Drawers in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

One great way to incorporate a desk with drawers into your bedroom is by choosing one that matches the existing decor of the room. If you have a minimalist or modern theme going on, consider opting for a sleek white or black table with minimalistic drawer handles. If you prefer more traditional styles, go for wooden desks with intricate designs on the drawer fronts. Another consideration when selecting a table with drawers for your bedroom layout ideas is the amount of storage space provided.

13. A Desk Could Be Set Near the Window

A Desk Could Be Set Near the Window in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

One popular option is setting up A Desk near the window. This not only allows for ample natural light And refreshing outdoor views But also creates A cosy And inviting atmosphere in Which to work or study. Whether you opt for A sleek modern design or something more traditional, Positioning your table near the window can be both practical And aesthetically pleasing. Another benefit of placing your table by the window is that it can help organise your room’s layout without taking up too much valuable space.

14. Use a Room Divider for Privacy

Use a Room Divider for Privacy in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

One great idea for using A room divider is to create an office space within your Bedroom. By placing A desk behind the divider, You can separate yourself from the rest of the room And focus solely on work. This is Especially helpful if you live in A small apartment or don’t have A dedicated home office. You can also use the space behind the divider for storage or decor that reflects your personal style.

15. You Can Use a Floor Lamp for Lighting

You Can Use a Floor Lamp for Lighting in Bedroom Layout Ideas with Desk

One of the best things about using A floor lamp in your bedroom is the versatility it offers. Unlike other types of lighting fixtures that may be limited in terms of placement And directionality, Floor lamps can be easily moved around And adjusted to suit your needs. This means you can position them near your desk for focused work or reading, Or move them closer to your bed for softer And more relaxing lighting.

16. Hiding Unsightly Cables & Wires

One option is to invest in a desk with built-in cable management. These desks have compartments or grommets that allow you to route cords from your electronics through the table itself, keeping them out of sight. Another idea is to use cord covers or sleeves to disguise cords along walls or floors. You can even paint these covers to match your decor for an even more subtle effect.

17. Finishing Touches: Accessories & Decor

Consider adding some wall art above your desk area. This could be anything from a motivational quote to a piece of abstract art that matches your colour scheme. Another idea is to add some shelving or bookcases nearby where you can display books, plants, and other decorative items. A cosy rug underfoot can also add warmth and texture to the space while making it more comfortable to work in.


Planning your bedroom layout can be A fun way to add more functionality And personality to the space. Whether you are looking for A desk-focused design or an open And airy setup, There is no shortage of ideas that will help you create the perfect sleeping And working environment. Don’t forget to keep storage in mind When deciding on A layout, As having ample storage options can help with organisation And keeping clutter away.

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