How to Arrange Pillows On a Twin Bed

How to Arrange Pillows On a Twin Bed

Twin beds are small in size and that’s why people often wonder how to arrange pillows on a twin bed. Well, it’s not a big issue. You can arrange colorful pillows on a twin bed like other beds.

The bed is the most comfortable place after a busy day. The coziness makes our sleep satisfied. In fact, whenever someone enters a bedroom the first sight is always the bed. So a bed is the center of attraction in a room.

If your bed is well organized and nicely decorated with it, it makes the room cozy and classy. It is a hidden dream of everyone to make their bedroom like expensive hotel rooms and as classy as theirs. For that, you should choose the perfect decoration for your bedroom.  

Twin beds are cozy but it feels like there is not enough room to put decorative items. Don’t worry. In this article, you will get to know how to arrange it on a twin bed keeping space.

You need to be tricky enough when you are arranging in a small area. Keep in mind that the place will look overwhelming if you put too many things in a small place. 

Pillow size and shape is also important fact as you are learning how to arrange it on a twin bed. Many people get confused about how to arrange that as they don’t even know how many they can use. Actually, there is no exact number of picks but of course not a huge number of them should be allowed on a twin bed.

Type of Pillows For a Twin Bed

Type of Pillows For a Twin Bed

There are no specific pillows for a twin bed. Mix up and mix up the sizes too. When you mix wide with smaller ones, it looks great. 

There are a lot of types according to shape or using purpose. You can choose king-size it, queen-size it euro items, standard, bolsters, lumbar, square, neck rolls, boudoir, and many more. Some of them are sleeping, and some of them are decorative pillows.

These come in different colors, Fabrics, designs, Shapes, Sizes, And purposes. Before you learn how to arrange it on a twin bed, know the tricks to choosing perfect colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and fabrics.

There are basically two types of it. They are sleeping and decorative. Before you try arranging them, you should know their size and type so that you can combine them nicely for your twin bed.

Sleeping Pillows

Sleeping Pillows

Sleeping is comfortable and ensures sound sleep. For every type of bed, there should be at least one or two sleeping same.

Sleeping items come in A variety Of shapes and sizes. They do not come with a beautiful outlook but they come with a simple and decent look.

The most useful benefit of a sleeping pillow is, it reduces back pains and neck pains. Sleeping ensures your peaceful painless sleeping comfort.

There are three types of sleeping according to their size. They are king-size queen-size and standard-size. If your bed has no headboard, then a king-size pillow or a queen-size pillow provides the stacking point or support to arrange nicely keeping the balance. 

Throw pillows

Throw pillows

Before knowing how to arrange pillows on a twin bed, you should know the name and detail of the accent same. There are so many types of throws with different shapes, designs, and fabrics.

Standard Pillows

Standard Pillows

Standard is one the most popular. These are generally sleeping and covered with decorative shams.

The pillowcase gives a beautiful look to your pillow. It keeps the bed decorated and gives you a peaceful sleep at night. That’s why it is so popular among people.

Standard come in king size and queen size and their shape is rectangular. These provide you with an all-around performance. 

Standard items come with an opening at the back part of them. Keep the decorative pillowcase all day long and put it off before sleeping just to ensure the best use of it.

The size of a standard pillow is generally 20″ ×36″ or 20″ ×26″. Choose a beautiful pillowcase to make your bedroom elegant.

European Pillows

This is another popular decorative pillow. European items are generally known as the euro. Euro are comfortable ones. Put it in a beautiful euro sham.

When arranging you can put a euro pillow in front of a standard pillow. If the size of the euro pillow is large, then you can put it at the back of the standard pillow.

Euro covered with amazing euro shams of fascinating designs are really eye-catching. These also come with an opening at the back part.

Generally, euros are for the decoration of your bed, but you can sleep on a euro pillow top. But before sleeping on a euro pillow, put off the euro shams.

Euro is usually 26″ ×26″ or 20″ ×30″. These throws are really pretty.

Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar pillows are amazing and supportive. They give relief and support your spine while sleeping. So you can enjoy a comfortable sleeping time.

Lumbar come in different colors and textures. They are 14″ ×22″ in size. But they provide more than that. Lumbar provide relaxation and sometimes you can use them under your neck or ankles too.  

Boudoir Pillows

Boudoir Pillows

These are so pretty. They are small in size and their shape is rectangular. They come with lots of textures and fabrics.

Choose a good quality fabric as they look luxurious and give you an expensive hotel room-type feeling. Generally, these are 16″ ×20″ or 12″ ×16″ in size. They are perfect choices for the decoration of a bed. You can arrange them along with large ones to create a magical combination.     

Bolster Pillows

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are both for decoration and support. These are cylindrical in shape. Bolster help your spine relax all night.

For a nice decorative arrangement, bolster play an important role. Use good quality fabric. They will create a royal outlook. Bolster are 7″×20″ in size.

Bolster pillows are really great to support it. You can stack these in a standard or euro pillow.

Square Pillows

Square Pillows

Square pillows are square in shape. These come with a royal and elegant look. They are known as a jewel, throw, or accent it.

These pillows look amazing on a twin bed. Squares are usually 12″×12″ Or 16″×16″ Or 18″×18″ Or 20″×20″ In size. They come in many more sizes. So you can Easily choose the one You need.

Neck Roll Pillows

Neck Roll Pillows

These pillows are so popular and really required in everyday life. Neck rolls are small and cylindrical in size. They are really amazing as supporting same.

They reduce pain and provide great support to your neck, knees, back, and ankles. So whenever you are in pain, you must use these tiny pillows as they are so helpful and provide the ultimate support in those areas.  

Considering Issues

As you are learning How to arrange A twin bed, You need to know what are the things that you need to Consider while arranging your bed. Those facts are given below:

Color Combinations

Color Combinations for pillows

Before you start, you must consider the pillow colors. It is totally up to your choice. But there are two basic options. You can keep it simple or you can add colors and designs to create an aesthetic and colorful royal outlook.

If you choose to go with the wall color and keep the look soft, you can keep the color of the pillows warm white or pearl colored. Or you can combine a variety of colors while choosing that. They generally come in almost all colors. So you can choose the required colors that you want to combine with.

Choose the fabrics wisely. There are lots Of fabrics you can choose such as cotton, Linen and many more. The designs of the pillowcases and their shape should be eye-catching. Combine two or three colors as you are trying to arrange a bed.


twin beds come with a headboard

Some twin beds come with a headboard while some of them don’t have any headboard. Moreover, if they have headboards, the headboards don’t come with the same material. Some headboards are made Of metal, And some Of them are made Of wood or other components. 

If your twin bed has a headboard that is 2-3 inches long, put the pillows according to height. Make sure that you don’t hide the headboard by stacking it against it.

Combine the sizes of your pillows and the large one should not be bigger than the length of the headboard. Try putting big size following the small ones to make the outlook elegant and spacious.

If the length of the headboard is less, then only choose tiny. When the headboard is with a metal framework, choose a smaller and pretty it with amazing color combinations so that the framework is visible and the pillow’s pattern seems compatible with the designs.  

If there is no headboard in your twin, place the large pillow first as support. Then stack the other pillows one by one. 

Tricks for Arranging Pillows

Tricks for Arranging Pillows

There is no specific pattern to arrange pillows on a twin bed. It is not about stacking pillows one after one. The outlook is an important fact to consider.

If you put the smaller one before the large one, then the small pillow will not be visible. Again the cylindrical should not be on the very top without stacking, otherwise, the entire arrangement can be spoiled if it falls down.

6 Pillows Arrangement

  • 2 Standard pillows, 3 euros, and 1 lumbar pillow;

First of all, put the bed against a wall to make the base strong. Now put two standard sleeping items with attractive pillowcases against the headboard. After that, place 3 euros in a row stacking with the standard it.

Then put the lumbar pillow as a finishing touch. This simple arrangement can make the look beautiful.

5 Throw Pillows

  • 2 euro pillows, 2 squares, and 1 bolster.

Firstly, put 2 euros against the headboard if your bed has a headboard. After that, place two square pillows stacked on the euro pillows. Then place the bolster as a finishing touch.

4 Pillows Arrangement

  • 1 euro pillow,3 decorative pillows;
  • 1 standard pillow, 2 round accent, 1 bolster;
  • 2 euro,2 standards;
  • 3 accent, 1 bolster;

In a twin bed, four it can be decorated nicely. When you are using 2 standard and 2 euros, make sure that the total size of the two euro is not more than 18 inches. Keep the small so that the headboard looks like a layered pattern.

3 Pillows Arrangement

  • 1 euro pillow, 1 standard pillow, 1 bolster pillow;
  • 1 standard pillow, 1 euro pillow, 1 accent pillow;  
  • 1 standard, 1 round decorative pillow, 1 bolster;

Basically, the list has no limit when combined together to arrange on a bed. The entire arrangement is absolutely your choice. We have given some ideas to arrange according to the right pattern.


The arrangement of pillows on a twin bed is not a tough issue if you know how to arrange it on a twin bed and add your creative ideas to make the outlook elegant.

Now that you know how to arrange items on a twin bed, arrange your twin bed with the best combination of colors and sizes. Use beautifully designed pillowcases and covers for yours. Hope you have enjoyed this article in which we have shown the amazing tricks of how to arrange a twin bed in detail. Arrange your own bed and let us know your opinions through your comments. Enjoy your day!

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