How To Decorate A Slanted Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall In Living Room

Slanted walls are becoming popular among modern interior design enthusiasts, but they still create some problems. However, this problem should not discourage you from decorating your house. A little effort goes a long way in making the houses look beautiful. Here are some tips to help you get inspired And learn how to decorate A slanted wall in your living room

If you have a small house, You may want to consider using A pattern that repeats from floor to ceiling. If you have A large house, you can choose A pattern that changes direction along the length Of the wall. When choosing a pattern remember to always light your home and think about it as your overall design.

Though you want A bright and cheerful look, Choose a color that will stand out against dark-colored furniture and walls. Similarly, if you want something cool, choose a neutral floor color. Next, decide which wall will be oblique and place the wall facing the direction. You want to achieve the effect. Then, take chalk and mark where you want to finish the corners of the wall.

Choose a Canopy-Style Bed

Choose a Canopy-Style Bed

Straight canopy beds are popular among homeowners for their clean appearance and minimalist design. This type of bed is ideal for small spaces, especially for low ceilings or sloping floors. Generally, this type of bed requires less maintenance than a sloping bed. This type of bed is suitable for areas where the slope is uneven. This type of bed does not require any extra space, But it does require some extra time to install properly. However, if you want a modern touch in your bedroom, you should choose a straight canopy style.

By using this canopy bed for both children and adults. Unlike other beds with wheels, it is made of metal. To install, first measure the wall where you want to place the bed. Once you have done this, You will then mark where the rails will be attached. Next, cut the pieces Of wood into shapes And put them together.

It goes without saying that choosing furniture for an interior space needs to fit with the overall style of the area and decor. This is even more true in the case of beds. When deciding what type Of bed frame to use, Consider the size of the room, The position of the windows, And the position Of the walls. Beds used in small spaces look smaller and less heavy.

Make A Mini Gallery Wall

Decorating the walls is not limited to just adding pictures. It can also involve a variety of works of art that reflect your personal style. Another thing you can consider is hanging artwork on the wall. Try placing an artwork that covers most of the wall space and placing another small work of art diagonally on top. 

Make A Mini Gallery Wall

After determining the type Of material you want to use, You will attach the pictures to the wall using screws. Make sure that the screw holes are located at a level above the floor. They do not interfere with the placement of furniture. Use a drill or screwdriver to create the appropriate size and hole depth before attaching the frame.

Opt For Bright White Decor 

Light plays An important role in our lives – Whether we realize it Or not. Often, lighting serves a dual purpose for both illuminated objects and also serves as part of the decor. Arranging a space without proper lighting can create an overall uncomfortable environment. Using painting flat surfaces to give a new look without going overboard. When choosing a color scheme, choose something that brings light into your home and prevents you from adopting neutral tones. Bright whites are perfect for this because they reflect sunlight throughout the day.

White walls are often considered annoying but they actually look great in some situations. They reflect light and add warmth to a space without paying too much attention to the surrounding art or furniture. A well-placed white wall makes a house bigger and brighter to Decorate A Slanted Wall In Living Room

Replace Drapery With Shades 

Drapers are commonly used as decorative materials in any home. A good pair of screens can add life to your home by your privacy look unwanted. In addition, they make the walls from dust and dirt. Characteristically, draperies may not be suitable if you want to decorate your house in a different style; For example, if you are something contemporary.

Replace Drapery

Any scene or scale can be known to the police administration. They also work well with walls facing north or side. It can illuminate the light and give way to sunlight. The best place to install these sheds is. Position them towards the notification frame and adjust the position so they can report.

Consider A Single Pendant Light 

If you want to highlight their beauty, consider lighting a single pendant. The pendants have the advantage that giving a great focal point to accentuate the height of the ceiling and complement the sloping walls.

 The single pendant is anywhere from a small area to a large room. A small area can only call for one, while a large room requires at least two. A small area can even benefit from three or four pendants. Be sure to choose a style that matches the overall decor of the house

 A pendant lamp is usually used to illuminate a certain area of ​​a house. These lights are usually suspended from the ceiling using chains or ropes. Although these are usually designed to hang down in a vertical position, hung upwards at different angles. Typically, a pendant light will allow enough space between it and the surface hanging above it; This allows airflow to prevent it from getting too hot. Pendants usually consist of clear glass bulbs or acrylic and metallic shades. With its clean look, it blends well with any type of interior design scheme.

There are two types of pendant lamps available in the market. Buying a pendant lamp, it is best to consider where the light will to place before deciding on a particular model. For example, if you plan to place it near a couch, you should consider an ideal pendant. It is usually smaller than a vase lamp. It is Also important to consider How light affects the environment. If you want a simple but elegant look, a clear glass bulb is ideal. On the other hand, If you are looking for a warm glow, A yellow glass bulb works well.

Include Wooden Beams 

Hang A Couple of Houseplants 

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is native to Australia and New Zealand. They are ideal for indoor gardening because they prefer a cooler climate. They are great at absorbing CO2 from the air.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a dense fleshy leaf that helps remove toxins from the body. Applying a small amount of aloe vera to the skin can heal quickly after sunburn.

Snake Plant

A snake plant is a great choice for a small space thanks to its ability to grow to a wide size. The snake plant can reach a height of 4 feet and spread to a width of 18 inches. This makes it ideal to fill in the gaps, Cover the walls And create A visual display in the living room. A snake plant does not require too much sunlight, Making it suitable for places where there is A lack Of natural light.

Stipa Barbara

To know it as bearded grass and prefers sunny places where temperatures are above 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a perennial grass of North America and China. Its leaves Are long and slender And they are used to shade the soil from direct sunlight.

Ficus Benjamina

The fern of this tree is commonly called silk palm. But its scientific name is actually Ficus Benjamina. It forms large, glossy leaves that are arranged spirally around the stem. These are used to create decorative displays in homes and offices.

Include Wooden Beams 

Sloping walls are great for any type of interior design, especially when they are combined with wooden beams. They give the space a simple but elegant look. When placed in corners, diagonal walls create an attractive focal point in any room. This makes them perfect for hanging pieces of art. They are a good choice for giving a traditional home a modern touch. When used together with wooden beams, they create an interesting visual effect. 

You can place wooden beams on the sloping walls to give your home a really old-fashioned feel. To achieve this, you must first install sloping walls in your home. Then, you can put wooden planks on them. Now, you can hang a variety of artwork on a wooden plank.

You can add artistic details to the wall using different types of paintings. It is important to remember that you should check the size Of your painting before buying it. If you want a larger size piece, you can choose a larger painting kit.

Paint the Ceiling 

Paint the Ceiling 

Sloping walls often look boring and sometimes even ugly. This problem is especially noticeable in small and old houses where the walls are relatively thin. If you are looking for A solution to this problem, You should consider painting the ceiling Of your living room. The reason behind the popularity Of painted ceilings is the ability to create A dynamic effect on the overall look of A room.

When designing a house, You should always pay attention to the ceiling. It did well, a ceiling can add beauty and appeal to a room. When choosing a paint color for the ceiling, consider using soft pastel shades that work well with light color schemes. Soft pastels are Also great colors to choose from when you want to create A cozy and comfortable environment in your home. Decorate a slanted wall in the living room.

Another advantage of painting ceilings is that they allow you to create interesting spaces. With a properly designed roof, you can create attractive and unique shapes. Ceiling painting will help you achieve this goal. There are different types Of designs that you can apply to paint the ceiling Of your home. A few examples include stars, circles, stripes, geometric shapes, and more. It All depends on what kind Of pattern you want to Apply.

Turn To Shiplap 

If you want something that gives some depth, try adding a part of the shiplap. This natural element adds texture and character while its color blends well with any decor.

Shiplap is perfect for adding some texture to a diagonal wall. It can also work nicely against wooden walls! Just make sure to pick a natural color that complements the rest of your Decor.

shiplap wall

We can remove the item from the wall And then replace it with something else. Or we can try to make some kind of correction before placing the object on the wall again. One option is to use two brackets. They will attach to the top Of the wall And hold the item in place. Another option is to use a shiplap board. It is a piece of wood that cuts at an angle.

Install A Skylight 

Skylights are becoming increasingly popular because of their many advantages. They reduce energy costs and allow natural light in a room while saving heating costs. Decorate a slanted wall in the living room.

A skylight requires some kind of structural support. Most types of roofs will not accommodate this type of installation. However, a roof line does not require too much structure. Installing a skylight on a roof line makes it easy to enter the bottom of the glass. This is why roof lines are usually used instead of walls when installing skylights. This allows sunlight to enter the space without any obstruction. Once installed, the walls are tilted from the roof line until they meet at floor level.

Even in the winter months, The sun shines less in the sky. As a result, Most homes have less daylight than they need. Using a skylight can help solve this problem by increasing usable natural light and reducing power consumption.

Skylights bring fresh air into the room where they are installed. Depending on their placement, skylights can enter a floor directly through the ceiling, or they can light indirectly from above.

Install A Skylight 

The best place to place a skylight is near the center of the largest interior wall surface of the house. When A skylight is placed in the center Of the largest surface, It creates the possibility of A maximum amount of daylight. A window will never be able to replace a skylight. The windows only allow light inside where the skylights let in light regardless of the direction the sun is shining. The size of a skylight should be considered when positioning it.

Use Shelves 

Corrugated Metal Shelves

Corrugated metal shelves are an excellent option for small spaces where storage is required. It works well as a sideboard and can be placed anywhere around the house. Its shape makes it look elegant and stylish. Using different types Of shelves, it is very easy to understand how to decorate A slanted wall in the living room

Curved Shelves

Another great way to decorate your home when adding value is to install a shelving unit. As with previous projects, you can work on it. It is best to install the unit in A corner Of the room. This makes the space look bigger. You need to prepare the next walls. You can use molding strips, bricks, or even wallpaper to cover the back of the shelving unit.

Before installing the unit, you need to measure the height of the existing wall. From there, you will determine the exact size Of the unit you need. Then, you will drill holes in the wall. After that, you will mount the unit using screws. The Last step is to get the Job done. You can draw the unit to match the rest of the room.

Choose Wallpaper Content 

Choose Wallpaper Content 

Wallpaper was once used to cover the walls and ceiling of a house. Today, it is also popular as a decorative element of any home. This type Of material offers numerous advantages including versatility, Affordability, Ease Of application, And easy maintenance.

You can choose between painted, printed, vinyl, textured, metallic, or wood materials. Each component has its advantages And disadvantages, But the choice largely comes down to personal preference. Textured and metallic materials tend to be more durable. Vinyl wallpapers can be easy to install but they are usually not as attractive. Properly installing wood alternatives requires some skill and experience. 

Wallpapers are usually larger than tapestries, but can still appear vertically or horizontally. Most wallpapers are printed on paper, Canvas, Plastic, Or metal before being installed on the walls Of the house. The various materials used for wallpaper include vinyl, concrete, copper, aluminum, ceramic, marble, wood, glass, and stainless.

Hang A Tapestry 

A tapestry hanging from a wall can add color and texture to any room. It can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on Where it will be placed. This type of artwork is great for adding character to any home. Many tapestries are hand-knitted with rich colors And intricate designs, Which makes them perfect for almost any decor style.

The first step in hanging a tapestry is to find a suitable place. It should consider where the tapestry is hanging and how it looks against the background. Whether it needs to face the floor or ceiling. When choosing A location, Consider the height of the wall. Its location is relative to the rest of the room. If the tapestry is too long And extends beyond the wall, It may move away from the edge Of the wall. Once you have selected A location, Hook the nail or screw to the back Of the tapestry using A small nail or screw.

Alternatively, You can tape A hook to the back Of the tape with double-sided tape. Next, securely attach the hooks to the wall using long nails or screws. Finally, secure the front of the tapestry to the wall with a few more small nails or screws. The process of securing the front of the tape to the wall. It will depend on what type of material of using. For example, cotton tape requires only two nails while woolen tape requires six nails.

Measure The Wall 

Measure The Wall 

Measure the length And width of the wall. To measure height, place a straight edge opposite the wall. Use A tape measure to measure the length from the floor to the top Of the wall. Repeat this procedure to determine the width of the wall. Note the measurements Of the width of the wall And compare the measurements with the dimensions Of the piece you want to hang. Choose A painting that is about two inches larger than the size Of the wall. Make sure the painting is Large enough to cover the entire wall.

Add Accents

In addition to the walls, you can add some accents such as mirrors, rugs, decorative items, art pieces, furniture, etc. You can choose To mix and match accessories depending on their design And style. Decorate a slanted wall in the living room.

Stick With a Light-Colored Ceiling

 White ceilings are usually brighter and lighter than dark colors. This makes it the perfect choice for those who like To hang pictures or paintings against walls that Are not perpendicular to the floor.

Stick With a Light-Colored Ceiling

But what happens when you want to decorate a diagonal wall? This means that the side of the wall you want to decorate is slightly bent from the floor. Covering the entire wall with a piece of art requires adding a second layer of paint or wallpaper which can prove costly. So the solution is to cut the bottom corner of the painting and flush it with the walls. Then place the canvas vertically along the wall where only two angles are visible.

Embrace The Angled Shape 


Oblique walls are quite common nowadays, especially in modern homes. These give a chic look but still make room for furniture and artwork. To accommodate this, try adding some decorative elements along the wall. It can be anything from pillows to framed pictures. However, the best approach is to create something. It will last A long time And add value to the home you live in.


Angular shapes are often used in interior design to bring balance to a room. An easy But effective way to achieve this is to use mirrors.Mirrors reflect light and increase brightness in a room that has little natural light. It not only enhances the light, It also adds depth to the room.

Create A Focal Point

The first step in Any interior design project is to establish A focal point. Something that is different from the rest of the space, such as art or furniture. This area should grab your attention immediately And be the starting point for everything you do. Once this element is established, the whole room becomes much easier to create and manage.

Measure The Distance Between The Two Walls

Then place one end Of the ruler in the corner Of the wall closest to the window. Hold the ruler firmly against the wall And lower it until you reach the other end Of the wall. Then measure the distance from the point where the wall meets the top Of the ruler with the floor. Then subtract this measurement from the total length of the walls. Divide the result by 2 to determine how many inches are to hang the picture. Decorate a slanted wall in the living room.

Add Pictures To Different Areas of The Walls

Place the frame Where you want it to hang. Use a layer to make sure the picture is straight. Next, Drill a hole in the back Of the frame using A drill bit. It is slightly smaller than the screw used to attach the image to the wall. Attach the screw. Finally, place the image on the wall and tighten the screws securely.

Distance Between The Two Walls for dining room

The Artwork Hangs

Artwork adds character to a room. It also enhances the appearance of the walls and increases the value of the property. If you want to give your living space a cozy atmosphere or add some personality, hang artwork on the wall.

There are many options depending on How much budget you have. From contemporary paintings to minimalist prints, these pieces offer a great addition to any home decor. The artwork should hang high enough so that it does not block sunlight from entering the room. decorate a slanted wall in the living room.

Display Mirror

Adding mirrors to your walls gives a modern and smooth look. Mirrors also reflect light so they work perfectly as a perfect light solution. They help to brighten the house and they can turn it into a beautiful backdrop.

Draw A Mural

Paint murals can bring a whole new dimension to your living room without the cost of a fortune. A mural comes with its advantages and disadvantages of painting. One advantage of mural painting is that it is cheaper than buying new furniture. However, this does not mean that murals can no longer last. Draw a small area on the floor and then place a large mirror behind it


The first step in decorating A wall in your home, Especially if it is diagonal, Is to look at buying the right type Of material. Depending on where the wall is located, Whether it is inside Or outside the house.

Stick to natural materials whenever possible. Wood, Stone, Glass, And metal are excellent choices for the surface of your home and are much less expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Natural materials also help save energy, as they require less maintenance than man-made parts.

Avoid chaos at any cost. You want to make sure your home feels spacious. Simplify furniture, artwork, and accessories. Avoid placing too many decorative items around the house. These are fun, But they also take up valuable space And can take you away from the environment you worked so hard to achieve.

Lighting should use wisely to add drama to a room without making things too bright. Put plants everywhere! Plants can bring life to even the dirtiest places. Not only do they enhance beauty, they also purify the air, improve mental health and even enhance the mood when placed near the window. Here are some tips so you can easily understand How to decorate A slanted wall in the living room.

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