How To Decorate A Rectangular Bedroom

How To Decorate A Rectangular Bedroom

A bedroom is A place where people sleep At night. A house where we dream and relax. Where we feel safe and secure. A place where we seek refuge from the outside world and escape from our daily responsibilities. Whether a home office, guest room, master bedroom, or nursery, the bedroom has its own unique design, decor, and purpose. Learn how to decorate a rectangular bedroom as we decorate them to express ourselves.

Our homes are sanctuaries and refuges from the rest Of the world. There are many ways to decorate a rectangular bedroom, depending on how much money you’ve got and what kind of style you want to go with. Some rooms are inspired by nature, some focus on art, and some are simple and clean. Whatever your personal style is, make sure it’s reflected in your interior.

Method- 1 Placing Furniture

Use Square and Round Tables

Bedroom Square Tables

When choosing furniture for the bedroom, Consider the size of the room, How much natural light the space receives, What types of activities will take place in the room, And whether you want the furniture to have storage capacity. If you need to work at night, a round table may not be the best solution as it blocks sunlight. Instead, use a square-shaped desk lamp or floor lamp, which doesn’t block natural light.

If you have kids who play games in their bedroom, go for a small square table with storage space downstairs. You can also see that using a modular system is ideal for small spaces. Modular furniture comes in pieces and looks great when put together. 

When looking for bedroom furniture keep in mind that the square corners make the beds look taller than they really are. Avoid sharp edges in the bed frame as they can harm children sleeping near them.

Bedroom Round Tables

In addition to buying good bedroom furniture, think about the quality of materials used in any furniture piece you buy. Especially wooden furniture deteriorates quickly. The best way to ensure longevity is to choose hardwood furniture and stain it yourself.

A rectangular bedside table is great if you want a clean look. But not everyone likes the idea of ​​having a square item sitting next to their bed. If you want to look like a clean desk, then you should avoid rectangle pieces. Rectangle items can easily be made into circular shapes. You just need a bit of ingenuity to make sure the edges don’t show through. Rectangular items can be turned into circles without any problems.

Avoid Narrow Furniture

Bedroom Narrow Furniture

Avoid using narrow furniture while decorating your bedroom. Not only does it make your room look smaller, It also gives the impression Of a tunnel-like effect. Instead, use spacious furniture to give the room a spacious look. Additionally, If you want to create some kind Of storage space in your bedroom, Opt for a wardrobe instead of A dresser or chest of drawers. Though you have a small bedroom, consider adding a nightstand to add extra seating and storage. If you really need a narrow bed, buy a mattress that can fit snugly.

Place The Chair In The Corner, Out of Rhe Way 

Corner chair in bedroom

If you do not have enough space, Place A chair in the far corner to arrange the space. By doing this, you can show a rectangular room as a large square house.

Angle Your Furniture Slightly 

Rectangular Bedroom Furniture Slightly 

The corner of the headboard is essential to the look of the room. If the bed frame is angled straight down toward the center of the room, the room will appear larger than the corner headboard at each corner. You can do this by placing pillows at different angles to achieve the desired effect.

If you have a corner bed, You may want to use it for storage space. You can do this by placing some bookcases here or using armoire-style cabinets.

You can use the bookshelf to store items in the corner. This works well if you don’t need much space from floor to ceiling for your book. Try putting shelves on the bed, or even under the bed. Bookshelves should be placed near the window, as you will be able to open them easily.

In some cases, corner windows can become a feature instead of just a window frame. But if you want to use them to their full potential, Make sure you follow these few simple steps first!

Arranging mirrors is A great way to enhance the look Of your bedroom without taking up too much floor space. Try to keep mirrors in the corners so that they reflect different parts Of the room. For example, Place them on the opposite side Of the window to emphasize their size. It is considering the room large. Place two mirrors next to each other to create a reflection that extends across both surfaces. Placing mirrors on the opposite ends of the long window seals creates the illusion of the length of the room.

Set The Furniture In The Middle of The Bedroom

The Furniture In The Middle of The Bedroom
  • Table 

An end table isn’t just for coffee tables. You can also use it to store items like lamps and reading lights. When choosing an end table, make sure it fits both the size of your room and your lifestyle. Choose something that you don’t mind sticking out in the middle of the room. Don’t go overboard and choose a huge table!

  • Floor Lamp 

The floor lamp is not only suitable for sitting and reading. You can also use them to illuminate an entire room. A floor lamp makes a great reading space, especially when attached to a comfortable chair. You can find floor lamps in most home improvement stores.

Avoid Placing Long Sofas Against Walls

Avoid Placing Long Sofas Against Walls

Avoid placing long sofas near walls to decorate the room. If you do, Keep them across from each other so they have enough room to move around. If you want to use the space next to the wall to expand the size of your bedroom. A bed is a good alternative to a sofa. You don’t have to worry about ruining the overall design of the room. You can always add some decorative pillows to give a nice look to the room.


When it comes to cleaning, throw away the trash immediately – don’t leave it for tomorrow. Also, wash your sheets regularly to avoid allergies. Finally, vacuum the rug daily to prevent dirt and buildup.

Method- 2 Conserving Space

Rectangular Bedroom Conserving Space

Design Your Bedroom With High Shelves

If you want to add character to your bedroom, high shelves are a great design element. Choose A style that suits your personality And your tastes. You don’t necessarily have to go crazy with them.

Tall shelves allow you to maximize room height while offering plenty of storage space. They are especially useful in the bedroom where we lose sleep over lack of space. Adding extra vertical space gives us a chance to spread out and relax.

Design Around Walkways

Open-plan design houses are a great place to sleep. They allow natural ventilation and provide plenty of space to sleep, work, eat, rest, and so on. In addition, they are easy to clean because they do not have many knuckles and cranes

The curve is no longer just conventional; They are also practical. A curved wall is perfect if you want to reduce the visual distance between different parts of the room. You can use this wall to create a boundary between the bed, Therefore the dresser or as a dividing line between two desks or even two bookshelves.

Use Furniture That Also Acts as Storage 

When you need to add storage space to your bedroom, consider building a wall unit for books, magazines and toys. If you have enough clearance, you can also install shelving units to create extra storage space above your bed. Just make sure any shelves you install are high enough that little ones can’t reach them.

Method- 3 Lightning and Decorating The Room

Lightning and Decorating The Room

Clean Your Walls Before Painting

Get rid of dirt, grease, Mold, Mildew, And grime from your walls before you start painting. Scrubbing them clean before painting can prevent unwanted discoloration later. If you don’t remove the spots before painting, they may show when the paint dries.

Paint The Walls A Lighter Color 

If you want to make your space bigger, consider light shades like white or off-white. Becoming more courageous? Try a bright red, orange, green or blue! When choosing a paint color for a room, think about what kind of mood you want to create, And choose a color palette that matches those vibes.

The same applies to color schemes. So, You may want to consider keeping things simple by choosing two different shades of blue, For example. Otherwise, you need to change your full-color palette whenever you feel annoyed.

A base coat should always be applied first before additional coats of paint are applied. Adding A base coat helps ensure the smoothness Of your surface and provides A solid foundation for the rest Of your paint application. To apply a base coat, use a roller or brush to cover the entire wall in a thin layer of paint. Allow at least two days between each step of painting before starting the next.

Allow Space For Windows And Mirrors

  • Mirror

It can easily be added anywhere to increase its size. It reflects light in a way that allows us to see ourselves from different angles..Even if you plan to keep your room mirrorless, you may decide to add a mirror above your dresser. Then you enjoy looking at yourself every day.

A mirror with a wide frame will give you a larger sense of space. The wider the frame, the more area you can see reflected in the mirror. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting your body in the frame when getting ready in the morning.

If you have a large window, place a mirror on the wall opposite your window to really enhance the effect. You may even want to place a mirror above the bed to reflect on the ceiling.

  • Windows

Any Window allows natural sunlight to enter your home and give you a view of nature. In fact, If you are near the beach, You can also get A nice breeze through it. The same goes for trees outside your home. Depending on where your window is facing the sun, You may not need A lot of artificial light. However, it will provide some extra light if you are indoors or in a wooded area.

Use Plants and Greens

  • The Plants

Plants are great for adding natural green color to any space. Whether they’re hanging on your bedside table, filling shelves or even sitting on the dining table, plants. Make a big difference in making your bedroom feel inviting. These are easy to care for, do not require too much maintenance and provide tranquility to help create a peaceful environment.

  • The Green

Greenery is great for giving rooms a fresh look while providing many practical uses. From hanging baskets to planter boxes, trees to ferns, shrubs to vines, greenery can cover almost everything in your home. They add texture, height and interest to spaces, plus they offer some fun ways to incorporate them.

Method- 4

Decorating style The Room

The Classic

Look around for unique bed frames that fit the theme of your room. A wooden bed frame is a classic, but metal and even glass bed frames are great options.

The Space Saver 

If you have small square feet, make sure to put everything neatly away and organize your clothes. Place shoes at either end of the wardrobe and store smaller items between larger ones. Sort your clothes according to their size.

Mirrored Minimalism 

We had to remove everything we needed to keep the house running smoothly, Including A TV stand, Dresser, Closet, desk, And so on. We then remove the mirror from the wall so that we are not distracted by our reflection when we are ready. Once we were finished, we added a large bookcase to help keep things like cosmetics and make-up kits.

Storage In The Back 

A storage unit can be useful in a small bedroom if you don’t have enough space for furniture. You should buy What you need And keep things organized to make sure they are accessible. If you already have a lot of stuff stored at home, Consider renting A unit instead Of buying some new furniture. If you want to keep it beautiful and pleasing, you need to know how to decorate a rectangular bedroom.

Shelves Aplenty 

You don’t necessarily need separate compartments for each item. Using shelf dividers can help you create more space while keeping items organized. Dividers can be made of wood, plastic, metal, fabric or mesh. Wooden divider panels are ideal for displaying artwork and craft projects. Some designs look great in children’s rooms or playrooms, while others suit a study or office setting. Plastic trays are practical for storing kitchen utensils or linen. Decorate with paint, beads, sequins or buttons to create your own unique look.

Keep It Simple 

1. Paint

Paint covers defects and imperfections. It provides a durable surface for artwork and decor items. Choose neutral shades like off-white or cream to make the rooms look bigger and brighter. Paints are cheap and versatile and paint the entire room, or a few wall surfaces. If you have children, decide what types of paints will be allowed to touch. Avoid paints containing lead, mercury or phthalates

2. Decorations

Decor can add style and personality to a space. Whether you choose something simple like adding flowers or a more daring option. such as paintings, mirrors, and vases for candles, the decor will give the room character. Look for pieces that fit the theme of the room – whether it’s rustic country or modern chic. Also, look for decorations that are affordable and won’t break the bank.

3. Corner Pocket 

I had to cut some corners from the original design. At first, I thought of just cutting the corners off completely; However, after seeing how much detail there is in the corners. To really give the piece more dimension, Added two small triangular tabs on each end. It wanted them to look like suitcase handles. They were made using simple geometric shapes (triangles) and joined together using cutout designs. Finally, I painted a coat of glossy white over the entire piece with white primer.

4. Sofa Bed Nooks 

If you have a rectangular bed, It may not be possible to fill it completely with beds, chairs, Etc. It does not shrink and does not look crowded. A sofa bed is a solution to this problem. And if you are thinking Of buying a sofa bed, Make sure it does not take up space from any of your furniture.

One of the best ideas is to add a fun design to the wall behind the sofa. Draw with bright colors and hang pictures. Or, you can put some posters or paintings on the wall. 

Use The Curtains

Screens can give a calming effect and help calm anxiety. When choosing curtains, try to choose dark colors so that you can feel comfortable in the room. Look for thick curtains that will block the light and keep the room comfortable and warm.

Build A Nightstand

Create A nightstand to store the things you need while you sleep. You can make it with almost anything! Wood, metal, fabric, or plastic. Any material will work as long as there are enough shelves to hold things like alarm clocks, clock radios, flashlights, and lamps. Try making a small dresser to make a small size.

Add Some Greens

Adding some green can really bring a place of natural beauty. Plants are good for adding warmth to a room, And they are great for bringing fresh air to a place. Try to keep some potted herbs around your desk or near the window. 

Draw a Background

Painting a background on your bed can make a huge difference in how well your bed looks. There’s nothing worse than having a boring white wall behind your bed. You may not think you need to spend time doing this, but it’s something you should do.

Be Creative With Light 

These can give a warm glow and draw attention to a specific area. A spotlight on your bed would be perfect for reading before you go to sleep.

Light therapy is becoming more popular because people are realizing how beneficial it is. Different types of it provide different wavelengths of light that affect our bodies differently. Ambient lighting provides general illumination while task lighting focuses directly on a specific activity. Task lighting is helpful when studying, reading, writing or coding. Try to use soothing and relaxing colors like blue, Green and purple to improve your sleep And boost your mood.

Clean Your Room Regularly 

It is A great way to keep your bedroom clean. Be sure to vacuum every week, sweep and wipe the floor once a month and dust every two months. Doing so will not only improve the look of your home. It will also keep your home free of allergens. In addition, remove your personal items before vacuuming. Then only dust accumulates in the vacuum.

Method- 5 Interior of a Rectangular Bedroom

Interior of a Rectangular Bedroom

Bedroom Floor

A room floor should have a durable surface that is easy to clean. If you plan to have carpet in your room, make sure it’s easy to vacuum or at least sweep regularly. You may consider replacing your home’s old linoleum or tile floors with hardwood or laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is inexpensive, maintenance-free, and looks almost like real wood. Other choices include cork tiles, bamboo, slate and even grass mats if you’re going for a natural look. Such materials are easy to install, Long-lasting, And generally resistant to wear and tear.

Bedside Table

A bedside table can serve many purposes. It can hold reading material, a lamp, a phone or some other small item while resting in bed. A bedside table can add color to any space it occupies. Choose a solid color like black, White, Tan, or gray. If you prefer something different, choose a brightly colored piece of furniture. Try painting it bright orange, green, blue, red or yellow. The paint may not last forever, but they will definitely stand out!


Memory foam mattresses are great for those looking for longer-lasting comfort than traditional spring mattresses. Spring mattresses bounce around because of the way the coils are placed. Traditional spring mattresses are made up of thousands of springs that do a good job of providing support. But these mattresses don’t last long. Memory foam mattresses use Visco elastic memory foam that adapts to the contours of the body for a smooth sleeping experience. The downside of memory foam is that it retains body heat. It can cause discomfort when getting out of bed in the morning. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, combine both spring coil technology. Viscoelastic foam to give you a good night’s sleep without stiffness.

Blinds and Shades 

Blinds and shades provide privacy with light control. Depending on How you use them, you may get different results. For example, if you want privacy and light control, go for vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds provide privacy and slight light control. Going for vertical blinds means your curtains won’t block your view when open. When closed, you still get a good amount of sunlight. Going for horizontal blinds means your curtains will block out light completely. Vertical blinds allow you to control your light whereas horizontal blinds only Allow you to do one thing. Both provide a nice aesthetic change depending on the top or bottom.

Ceiling Fan 

The ceiling fan helps to ventilate the whole room. They transfer cool air to each other in the summer months And warm air in the winter months. The fan blades are spinning.

Decoration and Artwork

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t always mean adding another piece of furniture; Sometimes it means changing your mindset. Try adding artwork to your wall instead of filling every inch of space with nicknames and collectibles. Use these pieces as focal points and display them around the room to create interest and give something to look into your eyes. Find the artwork that speaks to you And add it to your wall. Hang the frame on the wall, use canvas or frame the photo. Don’t forget about the mirror! The mirror lets you see yourself from multiple angles. It is difficult to look in the mirror due to limited space.

The Final Thought

The purpose Of A bedroom is often to provide comfort And security for those who spend time sleeping in it. Your bed should Be comfortable enough that you can fall asleep easily And wake up relaxed. If you get out of bed feeling stressed, anxious, or nervous, your mattress isn’t working properly. You need a new one. Besides being comfortable, a good quality mattress will last long.

Your bedroom should not Be cluttered with unnecessary things, Especially if you plan to use it for sleeping purposes. In fact, the last thing you want is to walk around the room to do your work only to find yourself tripping over something or hitting your head on something you didn’t know existed. Make sure to place your mattress directly above the floor. There are no objects blocking your way. Hope you understand how to decorate a rectangular bedroom.

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