Where To Put A Tv In A Small Bedroom

Where To Put A TV In A Small Bedroom

It Has been many years since I had A television set. Maybe I can get rid of it completely if I don’t need it anymore? Regardless, my wife won’t let me remove the TV stand from our bedroom wall. He says it looks nice there, and besides, he doesn’t want to move it. So, we’re stuck with it. If you have the same problem, know where to put a TV in a small bedroom.

First, make sure you really need the TV. If you only watch DVDs occasionally, it may not be worth removing the stand from the wall. Also, perhaps you could put the TV on a shelf or even hang it on the wall? So, You can always use the space below the TV for other purposes.

Second, try to find ways to hide the wires under the rug. Third, you can look into using LED bulbs for home lighting.

Learn 10 popular ways to To put a TV in a small bedroom

1. Above a dresser

 above a dresser

This is a good place for television because it can be easily reached and stored within reach. Because it’s where you spend most of your time, it’s important that everything else in the room works well and serves its purpose. Also, If you have A tall person who likes to watch TV in their bed, Having the TV above them helps keep everything tidy And makes it easier to find things.

2. In the closet

Put A Tv In A Small Bedroom tv in the closet

When your room is already crowded with stuff, it makes sense to put the TV inside the closet. Therefore, You won’t need any extra storage and it will give your closet some much-needed extra shelving. Just make sure you remove all boxes and bags from your shelves before moving the TV inside.

3. Beside the bed

Beside the bed

If you want to keep your TV close enough to your head while sleeping, Try placing it near the headboard Of your bed. If you don’t want most of the TV sitting on your face, consider buying a smaller screen.

4. Under the bed

Under the bed

Placing the TV under your bed makes sense because it won’t take up any extra floor space. However, you won’t necessarily see the added value unless you can use the TV under the bed.

5. On the wall

 Put A Tv On the wall

Placing your TV on the wall is practical because you can control the volume level without taking anything off the nightstand table. While this won’t add any more shelf space, it does provide a nice place to hang things like speakers, a clock radio or pieces of art.

6. By the door

By the door

You can always place your TV in front of the door, making it easy to check what’s going on around the house also. A TV near the door is convenient because you can glance at it every time you enter or leave the room.

7. Under the desk

Put A Tv In A Small Bedroom tv Under the desk

If you want to hide your TV under your desk, consider placing it next to it. You can either use a plastic storage container or try using some sort of shelf unit to hide it.

8. Against the wall

 Against the wall

One Of the best places to set up your TV is against A wall. That way, you don’t have to worry about blocking any windows or doors. If you need to add shelves or brackets to hold your TV, you can easily do so without removing anything else.

9. TV mounting bracket

 Put A Tv with TV mounting bracket

You will also need to buy some brackets (brackets) to attach your TV to the ceiling. However, They should be able to hold the weight of your television and not wobble or fall around. You don’t want anything to fall to the floor below, causing damage or injury. If your room doesn’t have high enough ceilings, consider installing an entertainment center.

10. Recreation Center

 Put A Tv In A Small Bedroom in Recreation Center

 A place where you can store all your electronics and use them easily

An entertainment center is a good option if your room doesn’t already have the extra space for an entertainment unit. An entertainment center provides storage space for your devices and also houses cables and sockets so you can plug things in without running back and forth between different rooms. Therefore, Entertainment centers have shelves and drawers that make it easy to organize your devices.

What kind of TV can be placed in a small bedroom?

1. Wall mount TV

Wall mount TV

Mounting the TV on a wall allows you to move it around your way. If you have a room where you want to set up a home theater system, mounting a TV on a wall mount makes space-saving sense.

2. Permanent floor

Permanent floor TV

These numbers allow the TV to rotate without your choice. You can also add shelves and speakers to give yourself storage space.

3. Flat panel TV

Flat panel TV in bedroom

Flat panel principles require less vertical space than traditional TV channels, making them work well in small rooms. If you don’t have the extra space, flat panels may be perfect for you.

4. Escape TV

Escape TV in bedroom

Free quadring groups are not necessarily part of their premounted parts, but they are larger than commas. If you’re looking to buy a new TV, consider a free-standing set instead of wall mounting.

5. Oversized TV

Oversized TV

Often suspended from the ceiling using steel rods or chains. While these types of mounts may look stylish, they aren’t always the best choice for your setup.

6. Curved TV

Curved TV

A curved TV takes up almost as much space as its straight counterpart. Ideal for a small space because it makes room for inspiration and space vertically or horizontally. Also, a curved script is easier than a square one. A downside is also that curved plaques are stronger.

7. Flat screen TV

Flat screen TV

Now thinner than flat. Today these TVs reduce your space and take up almost as much space. So even though flat screen TVs are big, they still pack a punch.

How to place a TV in a small bedroom using interesting artwork?

TV in a small bedroom using interesting artwork

Paint a piece of construction paper black and add some texture using sandpaper. Alternatively, you can also paint a canvas black and draw using a black Sharpie marker.

1) Hang pictures on the wall

Hang pictures on the wall

If you don’t want to draw anything, try hanging pictures behind the TV. Try making pictures of things that inspire you, or even something funny/cool that you’ve seen online recently.

2) Hang the curtain over the window

Hang the curtain over the window

Use curtains to cover windows completely (or partially) and leave them open while watching movies. This way, You get the full effect Of the movie without being distracted By outside noise.

3) Place a shelf above the TV

Place a shelf above the TV

To make the most of the wall space, make a simple shelf out of scrap wood. Just saw off several pieces of wood the right size for the shelf and drill holes in both ends for the screws. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even add some LED lights to the shelf to create a reading lamp!

The Final Thought

We generally recommend hanging TVs on the wall or laying them flat on top of bookshelves. However, if space is at a premium, try placing a TV on a stand, which frees up floor space. If no stand is available, you can have the TV mounted on a shelf behind the bed. We would recommend not placing the TV directly above the bed though. You don’t want the sound to bounce off the ceiling and reverberate throughout your room.

The best place for any type of electronics is on the floor. That way, if something happens, they won’t fall on top of you. You can easily find floor stands in almost any store these days. Although I recommend going with white flooring as it is easier to clean then. Also make sure anything connected to ground is rated to withstand high amounts of voltage (such as power strips). I hope you understand where to put a tv in a small bedroom

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