How to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

Mixing and matching furnishing items is entirely a creative work. Many people get confused about how to mix and match bedroom furniture. But it is not that tough if you can utilize your hidden creativity.

Bedroom furnishing items make the look gorgeous. It is like jewelry in the room. The furnishing products look great when you add your innovative touch. 

There Are many ways that you Can try. Don’t keep too many similar types of designs or colors. Then it may look overwhelming. So keep it minimal but stylish.

You should think about the theme that you want to choose. Therefore, According to the theme, you can combine the furnishers easily. There are catalogs available in the market where you don’t need to do it yourself. 

But when you arrange it yourself, it expresses your personality and creativity. Don’t you think that your cozy bedroom should be arranged by the furnishers you want to combine there? 

The bedroom is the cozy corner where you find peace after a long hectic day. So the outlook and furnishing items should be mesmerizing. If you buy a whole matching set from the shop it will look formal like the way it looked in the shop. However, It will not satisfy you. So, For a satisfying outlook, combine them yourself.

Is It Necessary to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture?

Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

Of course, it is. Who doesn’t want to sleep in A well-Decorated room? When you know How to mix And match bedroom furniture, It will be fun to play with new designs. You should do it twice a year. Thus you will not get bored because of having the same-looking room for a long time. Satisfy your eyes with colorful patterns. 

Mixing and matching the furniture also changes the previous theme. So enjoy new themes and this will refresh your mind. It is really necessary to learn how to mix and match bedroom furniture so that you can bring change in the outlook of the room with a satisfying pattern according to your choice. Then the room will be the reflection of your personality and the taste of your choice.

Play With Designs

Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture Designs

There can be separate designs in each of the furnishing items.. You can keep one part or a single design similar to each of them. For example, if there is a carved design in the bed topping, you can keep the design on the sofa and on the bedside table as well. If you keep a glimpse of the design in each of the furnishing items, it will make the outlook good. Therefore, Add the same design in different materials made furnishing items and create an innovative look.

Use Dark Wood with Bold Fabrics

Dark Wood with Bold Fabrics

If the wall of the room is white, dark wood suits them most. Then use the bedsheet, cushion covers and curtains of bold colors. However, They will create a vivid glow in your room. This combination is amazing. Bold colors always highlight the overall space and pull the attraction. 

Match the Style

Match the Style in  bedroom

Matching the pattern and theme is important. If you follow a theme, that can be unique. You can use mirror works as a theme. Keep mirror works in each of the furnishing items in a minimal way. Putting so many mirrors can spoil the outlook. So use mirror works wisely. So,This customization will maximize the space visually and brighten up the room by reflecting the lights.

Try Textures

Textures to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

Textures can change the entire outlook. It can turn a simple look into a gorgeous one. A creative person always admires different looks. So keep the texture unique. Don’t place the textures in all the furniture widely. But make sure that each of the furniture has the touch of the texture. You can place the same texture on the wall too. That will blend the entire look.

Seperate The Areas According the Requirements

Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

In a bedroom, the entire area has different uses. Keep the bed area, breakfast corner, reading zone, and sofa zone in different colors. Use a white or cool tone for the bedsheet and then place colorful cushions there. Keep the black-colored wooden center table and nightstand in your bedroom. The reading table might be beside the window. Keep a glass table with wooden legs and an armchair there. Keep the sofa color vibrant or keep it soft white.    

Try the Pattern With Anchor Pieces

Pattern With Anchor Pieces

Anchor pieces are really authentic and you can hang them nicely on the wall. Therfore, Create a colorful vibe with the anchor pieces. Use bright and bold-colored rich fabrics. This will make a different pattern. 

Focus On the Hardware

Focus On the Hardware

What if you use all the furnishing items made of the same material? Isn’t this a cool idea? You can choose metal-made furniture,   wooden or other material-made furniture. So, The material choice depends on the theme and the preference.

It looks good when the bed and other furniture is made of the same material with different shapes and designs. Another thing you can do is, match the legs only. Keep the same material on the legs of each of them.

 If you choose a wooden one with metal-made legs, that looks pretty. When you will learn how to mix and match bedroom furniture, then you will find a lot of ways and patterns.   

Furniture Matching Idea For Small Bedroom

Furniture Matching Idea For Small Bedroom

For a small room, you need to choose a soft theme that will not make the space look smaller. Use bright or white fabric and place transparent items in your small room.

Transparent furnishing items with transparent fabric make the room look spacious. Then you will feel the airy vibe in your room.     

Vintage Theme With Soft Tones

As you are learning how to mix and match bedroom furniture,  you need also to know the tricks of mixing themes. The vintage theme creates a rustic raw type look and of the time the warming vivid pattern gets the priority. But what if you match a vintage pattern with a soft earth tone? This will look magical. 

People who love authentic creations will love the pattern so much. The wall color is in a soft tone with the vivid glowing furnishing items or old patterned furniture that mixes the urban with rural vibe and blends perfectly.

Play With Colors

Play With Colors

If the wall is in a soft tone or entirely white, this feels like a canvas where you can play with colors. Use high-quality fabrics of random colors and the colors should be bold.

Hang the curtains in different colors. Each of the curtains should have separate bold colors. Keep cushions of random colors. Place a colorful velvet bedsheet. So, Now your room is a blast of colors.  

Balance the Shapes and Sizes

Balance the Shapes and Sizes on  bedroom design

The number Of furnishers in your room Will depend on the size Of the room. Your room should have the items with size variation. Keep furniture of all sizes and mix them. Some space needs small furnishing items while the other part is for large furnishing items. 

The bed, The closet, And the sofa take up A huge space in your Bedroom. Other small furnishing items such as the center table, nightstand, bedside table, ottoman, etc can be kept in small spaces and in the corners. So, Balance the shapes and it will look beautiful. 


Furniture combination is a confusing task for people who don’t have any idea of how to mix and match bedroom furniture. A perfect bedroom is your cozy zone. It is the place where you call your very own space. 

So if it is organized with balanced furniture, it will satisfy you every moment you spend there. Now that you know how to mix and match bedroom furniture, assume your room as your playground of creativity and customize furniture in your own way. 

So, IHope you have liked this article. Write to us and share your opinions through comments. Spread happiness and enjoy!   

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