How to Convert Crib to Toddler Bed

How to Convert Crib to Toddler Bed

Children are the apple of our eyes. It is definitely an emotional event to shift your baby from a crib to a toddler. You can save extra expenses if you know how to convert a crib to a toddler bed.

Every child does not get mature and prepared at the same age. So first of all you need to be sure that your child is ready to shift into a new size

A toddler bed looks more spacious than a crib. So you might be in fear that your child will fall down from the bed and roam around the house which may cause an accident.

It may take time to realize when your child is absolutely ready to shift to a new bed. You need the patience to make it a habit to sleep in it. The most amazing fact is you can use the same crib with the toddler.

Children grow fast and it is difficult to realize when they are mature enough. You can follow their activities and the way they handle things. Then you can decide it’s time to change the sleeping space.

Learning how to convert a crib to a toddler will save you money from getting wasted on buying a new toddler bed. The railing is less high than the sides. You may think of a big child which doesn’t come with any railing or if you buy a twin that will not be safe for a toddler at this early age.

Follow the tricks of how to convert crib to toddler from this article and utilize the idea. 

Try On a Convertible Crib

Try On a Convertible Crib

There are two types of cribs. Convertible cribs come with detachable sides but stationary traditional cribs do not come with detachable sides. So you can’t detach a stationary crib part by putting off the screws.

So when you are learning how to convert cribs,  you should know which crib is convertible and which is not. If your crib is convertible, follow the steps below: More orange beds?

Remove the Screws Of One Side

Remove the Screws Of One Side for  Toddler Bed

To convert a crib into a toddler, you need to rearrange it according to a toddler’s structure. You can remove the screws of two side parts too or you can remove the screws of one side part only. The headboard and the footboard will remain the same.

The structure will only change in the sides. If you remove screws in both of the side parts, then you need to put one of the sides against the wall before putting your toddler there. It is better to remove only one side.

Use a strong screwdriver to remove the screws. There can be ‘L’ brackets or so many screws. Remove the screws so that you can detach the side. 

Don’t be harsh while detaching the screws, otherwise, a broken part of the screw can be left inside.

Remove the screws one by one and keep them together in a specific place or in a box otherwise, you may lose them as they are tiny.

After removing all the screws, gently pull the side and remove it. It will come out easily after removing the screws.

Remove the Bed Sheet and Blanket and Other Things

Remove the Bed Sheet and Blanket and Other Things

After removing one side of the crib, you need to remove the bedding. Put off all the stuff from the bedding and remove the blanket,sheet, and other things. 

As you are learning how to convert you need to know how to ensure the safety of your toddler. When you remove one side it needs a bed rail. Otherwise, your toddler can fall down from it. 

So remove and keep them aside. The most amazing fact is, that you can use the same in the toddler that you used in the crib. 

If you don’t remove the bedding, you won’t be able to attach the ‘L’ shape brackets to secure the rail. Remove them, keep them in a safe place, and start the next step.

Choose a Perfect Bed Rail

Choose a Perfect Bed Rail

Bed rail protects the toddler from falling and secures the safety all night long as a result you can have a peaceful sleep without any tension.

Some cribs come with their own rail while some cribs don’t. If your crib does not have any in the kit,  you have to buy a rail. The rail kit that you need to buy should be shorter in height than the other side.

One more thing you should remember while buying rail is that you should keep the rail in the middle of the side and keep the gap from the headboard at least 8 inches and keep the gap from the footboard at least 8 inches so that the toddler can get in and out of easily when need. There should be enough space between the rail and both the headboard and footboard.

To know more about how to convert, keep reading.

Secure The ‘L’ Shaped Brackets

 Toddler Bed for 'L' Shaped Brackets

After buying a rail, you need to attach ‘L’ shaped brackets on the posts of the rail so that you can ensure the best safety of your toddler.

 First of all position, the ‘L’ brackets one by one. If you use a universal kit, then you will get the screws and ‘L’ shaped brackets in the perfect size. If you are buying screws and ‘L’ shaped brackets separately, then you need to buy them in the right size. The brackets should have 2-4 inches corner shape along with 4 holes to mount it using the screws.

Keep the vertical part of the ‘L’ shaped brackets attached to the center part so that you can attach them with the slates perfectly.

After placing the brackets you need to put the screws on the holes on two sides and fasten them with the rail. Keep the other two holes unscrewed as you will attach the part with the slate placed lower part of the crib.

Hold The Rail In the Bare Side

Hold The Rail In the Bare Side

After attaching ‘L’ shaped brackets, hold the rail in the position where you decided to place the rail. Hold strongly to test the outlook and keep the position of the ‘L’ shaped brackets and the edges connected the according to the position.

Keep space between the headboard and the bed rail. You should keep space between the footboard and ensure that the middle of the bare side is secured and have enough space for your toddler to climb on and climb down from the bed. 

Fasten the Rail With the Bed

Rail With the Bed for Toddler Bed

After placing the bed rail in position, you need to attach the screws to the slates. Put the screws on the hole and use a screwdriver to fasten the screws properly.

Secure the screws nicely and tighten them to secure the rail perfectly.

Put the Bedding Again

After attaching the bed rail, your is ready to put on the ding once again. As you can use the same bedding, so you don’t need to buy a new one. This will save another cost.   

Put the bedsheet and blanket again and arrange them nicely in a sorted way.

Arrange the Toddler Bed

Arrange the Toddler Bed

As you are giving a surprise to your little one, put some more effort to make him/her happy. Buy some colorful designed tiny pillows and some toys that your kid likes.

Put the pillows in a nice way with proper arrangement and put the toys nicely. As you are changing your little one’s sleeping space, you need to maintain the nap and sleeping time to make it easy for him/her to accept the new sleeping place.

You can give your kid a nice gift when she/he spends the whole night nicely in the new bed. This is how your kid will adopt the habit of sleeping in the new sleeping place with comfort. 

Can You Convert A Stationary Crib to Toddler Bed?

Can You Convert A Stationary Crib to Toddler Bed?

Well, this is quite difficult but not impossible. You can convert a stationary crib but the way is not that easy and you will need a lot of measurements.

As stationary cribs do not have removable screws, you need to cut off one side with a jig saw. Cut nicely. Then you need to remove the bedding and attach the rail by attaching with brackets and screws.

Fasten the screws properly and then put the bedding on again. Then arrange with baby pillows and toys. The cutting process is a little bit complicated but for a billion-dollar smile for your little one, this effort is worth it.       


Kids make our life beautiful and fill our life with enjoyment. A little effort of growing bigger by changing your kid’s sleeping place will make your kid so happy.

 When you realize your kid is mature enough to shift to a toddler bed from the crib, make the arrangements to welcome your kid’s new sleeping space. It is all about acceptance. Once you make your kid accept his/her new item, your kid will be very satisfied with the new experience of life.

Converting a crib into a toddler is not that tough. So it is not a wise idea to buy a new item with new bedding. Now that you know how to convert yours and let us know through the comments. Share your opinions. Enjoy your day! 

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